Inside Out


According to the trailers that played before my screening of Inside Out (and also this, which you now all get to watch because you must suffer as I have) three factors are crucial for success in the realm of children’s entertainment:

  1. High-pitched, squeaky voices
  2. Music that’s at least a decade out of date
  3. Dancing

Thankfully, the movie we’re talking about today has none of those things.

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Golden Son

Golden Son

I recently reviewed Hot YA Property Red Rising and concluded on a sort of ambivalent note, stating that I couldn’t in good conscience recommend it despite enjoying it a lot. Well I rushed out and got the sequel- basically the first time that’s happened since I was in my teens- and I’m pleased to find that it’s a more mature and more thoughtful book, even if it does share some of its predecessor’s problems.

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Ronan Is Entering The Workforce

bigstock-Office-worker-trying-to-answer-41823205 UPDATE: looks like this post was a tad premature. Expect regular posting schedule for a little bit longer ;)

Apparently this is what office workers do all day? Last time I was in an office I only got one phone call and it was a wrong number.

This blog has existed entirely during my prolonged college experience (seven years in total across two courses), which is now coming to an end as I’m starting a full-time real person job on Monday. I’ve never actually done that before, even at the ripe old age of 27. I worked part-time for years, and I spent a memorable six months working part time and full-time while also studying for exams (that was a laugh riot, let me tell you), but not the full adult “work at a job all day and nothing else.”

Anyway because of that I’m deleting the blog BYE SUCKERS HAHAHAHA

No just kidding. What it actually means is that updates are going to permanently slow down. Let’s say I’m going to try and get one post up a week, whether that’s a Let’s Read or a review. If a review goes up one week that probably means no Let’s Read until the next week, in contrast to my past strategy of just dumping everything up willy-nilly. Also, when I finish The Fifth Sorceress I’m probably not going to start the next Let’s Read for a while, even though I’m pretty sure I already have the book I’m going to do picked out. I have Plans and Ideas for something to do instead that won’t be as much of an energy commitment. You’ll see. Content will continue to flow. No, that wasn’t a Dune reference ugh gross