Debunk Europa pt. 3

This turned out a bit longer than I intended.

I was originally going to go through Defend Europa’s entire three-part essay, “The Great Replacement”, but unfortunately just tackling the first part ended up being way more in-depth than I intended, so I’m letting this post stand on its own (parts two and three seem to mostly parrot the same talking points anyway).

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Debunk Europa

You’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of content on this blog over the last six months or so. As I’ve alluded to several times, I’m currently dealing with ongoing health problems, the nature of which make not just writing about books, movies, games and all the fun media we usually cover here, but even just digesting them for review, extremely difficult. This naturally means that there’s not a lot I could actually write about even if I had the energy to do so (I know it doesn’t look like it, but those Let’s Read posts actually take a fair bit of effort).

However, I do want to try and stay productive in some way, even just to alleviate my own boredom. Recently, I got all Mad Online about some alt-right people getting Mad Online about a video game, and the experience of getting outraged over other people’s outrage was kind of cathartic. The world sort of turned into total bullshit at the same time as my own personal life, and I’m not saying that pushing back against the rising tide of right-wing extremism will somehow alleviate my own health problems through a hitherto unknown process of psychological transference, thus earning me a Nobel prize in medicine, but isn’t it worth a shot?

They give you money when you win one of those things, did you know that?

Anyway, there are a lot of anti-immigration memes doing the rounds at the moment on social media, meme images being the primary knowledge currency of the alt-right, and I thought we could have some fun debunking them. Yes, I know it’s not what people come to this blog for, but I do have a big video-game related post I’ve been working on slowly for a while, which should go up some time later this month. If you’re not interested in the #Politics, stick around for that.

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Why Hollywood blockbusters suck now (featuring Rogue One)


Note: A return to normal blog functions is still a ways off, please enjoy this post I had lying around

A while ago, I finally got around to seeing Disney Presents Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Based on the title of this post, you might assume that I hated it. But I didn’t! I actually liked it better than The Force Awakens, which surprised me since most of the buzz around the movie was pretty downbeat.

However, the movie does have a lot of pretty serious flaws, and they’re pretty much the same flaws that I keep seeing time and time again in big Hollywood blockbusters. Why don’t we go through them in internet-friendly list form?

(Spoilers for Rogue One, obviously)

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I’m Not Dead update

Hello everyone, just a quick update to let you know that I haven’t fallen into a blog black hole. My medical issues are unfortunately still preventing me from doing much of anything, but I’ve got a big review I want to finish and the Selection let’s read will continue as soon as I’m able to get an entire post out.

When that will be, I don’t know. Maybe a few weeks? Maybe longer? Who knows! Join me on this wondrous journey.

Quick Read: Ninth City Burning


(Note: regular posting will still be sporadic for the immediate future)

So here’s an awkward situation.

I started reading Ninth City Burning because it has a cool title the plot sounds right up my alley, intending to give it the rare Doing In The Wizard full review treatment, but I very rapidly realized that its basic setup is uncomfortably close to an idea I’m currently kicking around right at this very moment. But at the same time, there was enough “noteworthy” about the early parts of the book (by which I mean stuff annoyed me and I have to rant about it to someone) that I wanted to cover it in some way.

Thus, a quick read.

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