Odds and Ends

Well look at that, I haven’t written a blog post in a week! Blame college.

I’m reading something right now that’s shaping up to be the first completely positive review on this blog, but in the meantime here are two interesting things I found:

  • Apparently I’m not the only one who thought Mistborn was written like a video game: a prequel game is incoming. Note that the release date is listed as Fall 2013 which usually indicates that the game in question is never going to see the light of day (announcing it as part of a trilogy pushes the probability to 95%). Branderson is writing the story so presumably the developers are going to license the face capture technology from LA Noire to depict all the frowning and smiling and winking.


  • This is probably the best takedown of fanatical SF/F fanboys I’ve ever seen as well, as the funniest April Fools joke I’ve seen this year.



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