Doing in The Wizard…. IN SPACE

Assuming anyone is reading this and I’m not just blogging into a void (drop a comment if you exist, internet people!), may have noticed a pretty sharp drop off in the frequency of recent posts.

There are two reasons for this. The first and least embarrassing is that I’m now working 12 days out of every 14, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for doing anything else. The other reason is that I’m kind of sick of reading fantasy. After reading….. four books. You may recall that the original goal of this blog was an attempt to get into fantasy. This isn’t an encouraging development.

But! I have a solution to both of those problems.

It was always my intention that if this fantasy reading list malarkey went well I’d follow it up with a sci-fi version. Well, that’s going to happen a bit quicker than I originally planned. I’m not giving up on reading fantasy by any means, I’m just going to have some other stuff to dip into when my short attention span gets the better of me.

But there’s more! As I was planning this I realized my movie pile of shame consists largely of well-regarded sci-fi movies I’ve either never seen or haven’t watched since I was a kid. Since they take such little time to consume compared to a novel, why not take a look at them?

At the moment I’m doing a possible guest review for someone else’s blog that I’m taking way too long to get through, but once that’s done it’ll be time for SPACE. I can’t wait.


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