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White Man’s Bullshit: Far Cry 3

I’ve been playing a lot of Far Cry 3 this past week. I have…. conflicting feelings on the game.

There’s a lot to talk about here, so I’m going to be splitting this into two sections. The first will be a straight-up review- is it fun to play, is the story good on a purely narrative level, how are the hang-gliders, the usual stuff- while the second part will delve fully into the game’s more idiotic interesting thematic content. One of these sections will be significantly less positive than the other.

Click below to dive right in (but watch out for sharks and *minor spoilers*):

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Corgis and Death Buddhists: free comics vol.1

Did you know about Comixology, where you can buy comics digitally for semi-reasonable prices? Did you know they have 40+ pages of free comics? Did you know I’m out of review material and looking for something I can knock out quickly without spending any money?

How this is going to work is that I’ll give each comic a very short description, basic likes and dislikes, then a thumbs up or down. I will then use these quick off the cuff ratings to unfairly judge the entire medium. Some of the comics are full first issues, others are just previews. I’ll provide links so you (yes, YOU) can read along at home. Let’s jump into it!

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Weep for the billboards: Fahrenheit 451

Recently I started to believe in a higher power after years of staunch naturalistic atheism.

Now when I say “higher power” I don’t necessarily mean God, but it has become undeniably clear to me that there is some sort of protective spirit, some guiding force at work in the cosmos. The revelation came to me when I was looking through a massive stash of epubs I torrented a few months back my local bookshop and spotted Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. It’s a book I had known about from its reputation for years, and several times when I had some spare cash or a book voucher I almost bought it. I’m a big dystopia fan, and it’s about, like, censorship and crap. Censorship is bad! Sounds like my kind of thing.

But something always stopped me. A few times I even got as far as the check out desk before thinking “Mmmm……nah” and turning back. It was almost like some sort of invisible force guiding my hand, subtly influencing me to return the book to its shelf.

Having read Fahrenheit 451 in its entirety, I now realize that this could only have been a guardian angel attempting to protect my sanity. I ignored its warnings, and for my foolish hubris I have paid a dear price indeed.

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