let’s read the wise man’s fear ch. 11

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Kvothe heads back to wizard school to see Moon Fey-chan. The decision to include more Moon Fey-chan is not endearing me to this book.

“I seem to remember,” I said slowly, “that I was going to play music for someone.”

I really have to wonder why he’s talking to her like this. What are we supposed to take away from it, that her mental illness makes her child-like? Couldn’t she just actually have been a young girl, like an orphan who was living below the University? Then Kvothe could be like, “hey, I was an adorable street urchin too let’s hang out”. His three years in Tarbean would actually have an effect on the plot in that case.

Unless she’s also going to want to touch his wizard’s staff later, but the idea of that is so horrifying I refuse to contemplate it.

I felt her hands on either side of my face, then she gave me a tiny, delicate kiss in the middle of my forehead.

I know I frequently say something like “if X happens one more time I’m going to totally flip my shit” and then I quote a bit X happens and I totally flip my shit and it’s obviously been set up in advance? Well I swear to God I wrote the last sentence of that section up there before I read this.

Surprised, I opened my eyes. But she was already standing several steps away, her hands clasped nervously behind her back. I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Just…. let’s just move on.

Moon Fey-chan tells Kvothe he can move into the Underthing with her and become her onii chan if his financial trouble is getting him down.

Before I could respond, Elodin stepped around a large brick chimney as casually as if he were out for an afternoon stroll.

Okay, that’s actually pretty funny I guess.

Kvothe has to think fast to keep Elodin from scaring his creepy fake little sister off.

I have a good tongue in my head, and given enough time I’m confident in my ability to persuade just about anyone of anything

Really? Because you’ve been remarkably bad at convincing people to do anything up until now.

It turns out the drama was unnecessary since Elodin and Moon Fey-chan know each other, although he’s never managed to get this close to her before. Kvothe makes him promise not to have her shipped off to Haven, which I thought was called the Crockery. Are they the same place? I can’t remember.

Elodin asks Kvothe where the name Auri comes from.

Auri means sunny.”

“In what language?” he asked.

I hesitated. “Siaru, I think.”

Elodin shook his head. “Sunny is leviriet in Siaru.”

I tried to think where I’d learned the word. Had I stumbled onto it in the Archives…?

Is Kvothe getting Mystery Knowledge from somewhere? I hope not because we really don’t need another version of that plot line in a fantasy story.

Elodin invites Kvothe to join his super-magic class and convinces Lorren to let him back into the Archives by being extra quirky. Well hey, I guess that means literally everything after Kvothe gets to wizard school in The Name of The Wind was completely pointless! Maybe next Kvothe’s parents will come back to life and we can just retcon the entire book out of existence.

It was only then I realized I didn’t know the name of Elodin’s class. I leafed through the ledger until I spotted Elodin’s name, then ran my finger back to where the title of the class was listed in fresh dark ink: “Introduction to Not Being a Stupid Jackass.”

For the remainder of the book Elodin will be playing the role of the Internet.

So I had like 1500 more words of this thing written and then my internet connection flipped its shit and none of it got saved. But man, you should have seen what happens in chapters 12 and 13! Wizard school gets blown up by the Chandrian and Kvothe rides a dragon- a proper flying dragon, not the lame dragon from before. It was so great, I’m completely head over heels for this book now. All is forgiven.

But E3 is on at the moment and I’m too lazy busy lazy to rewrite it all just now, so you’ll have to use your imagination. Don’t go reading a plot synopsis or anything, you’ll spoil the surprise.


7 thoughts on “let’s read the wise man’s fear ch. 11

  1. Reveen

    I can’t decide whether I’d rather see Moon-fey turn out to be evil and get roasted with a lighting bolt, or turn out to be a good guy and roast Kvothe with a lighting bolt.

  2. zephyrean

    “Maybe next Kvothe’s parents will come back to life and we can just retcon the entire book out of existence.”

    Funny that you should say it.


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