Only God Forgives Redux

Hey all, just a quick update on Only God Forgives, which I reviewed yesterday. I came across the following video by a Youtube reviewer named Chris Stuckman that does a good job of analysing the film’s themes:

I didn’t particularly care for the movie, but the video is interesting and since it’s hard to find good analysis like this I figured I’d give it a shout-out in case anyone is looking for that sort of thing. The creator of the video has a similar video on Drive that you should check out if you’re a fan of that movie.


One thought on “Only God Forgives Redux

  1. Sam Hanawalt

    Can’t comment on OGF since I doubt Refn will do well with Bangkok, but I loved Drive and Stuckman’s video unfolded a few more layers of the movie that I hadn’t interrogated. Thank you for the link!


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