Blog theme change

New blog layout!

WordPress seems to only offer free themes that either look nice or are actually functional, but not both simultaneously. When I started the blog I obviously went for the former, but that theme had a lot of drawbacks like pushing all the widgets to the bottom of the screen and a lack of support for mobile devices. So I’ve switched to a more boring looking but probably much more user-friendly theme. I might drop some cash on WordPress’ developer tools some time to fancy it up a bit.

This decision was prompted by the fact that I’ll be finished college in about two weeks, after which a veritable fiesta of blogging will begin. I have plans. You don’t even know.

What do you think? Is it good? Is it bad? Does it work on all your devices?


6 thoughts on “Blog theme change

  1. q____q

    btw, what about penguin factory? is it officially dead? i’d assume so since you posted the last of us-review here. which is a good thing, i think, to keep it in one place. on the other hand there will be another crowd at destructoid then here, maybe more comments on the game reviews. still …

    1. ronanwills Post author

      Yeah, I decided just to consolidate everything on one blog for now, mainly so I could just write about whatever I wanted rather than just video games. I’m trying to build up a sort of portfolio of all my reviews in one place.

      There were a lot more comments on destructoid but I don’t think I’m a great fit for the culture there, as they tend to be very….. gamer-ish if you get my meaning.

  2. q____q

    drop some cash on an own domain and you could do whatever the hell you please (and are able to code). plus, you know, hosting shit yourself and being independent from evil capitalist moguls and stuff.

    looking forward to your plans!

    1. ronanwills Post author

      I had considered that, but I’m totally clueless when it comes to building websites. Also seems a little ostentatious to have a whole website just to put my stuff up.

      I might still do that at a later date though, if the traffic gets big enough to justify it.


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