Introducing Silent Hill Spooktober

It’s now October- the official best month, as determined by science- and to get into the spirit of things I decided to start a month-long retrospective series on a horror game franchise. Which horror game franchise? This one:


I have often expressed my disdain for over the top fandom on twitter, but if there’s one property I would willingly count myself as a mega-fan of it would be Silent Hill. This isn’t going to be me heaping blind fanboy praise all over the series, though. My intent is to cast a critical eye on the games and come up with a sort of reading list for people jumping into the world of Silent Hill- which games should you play first and in what order, and which ones can be safely skipped. Along the way we’ll go into story, themes, approach to horror and all sorts of other fun stuff, as well as additional posts on the movies and other spin-off properties.

You can read the first post (which is rather longer than I had anticipated) right now! Click the Silent Hill category over on the right.

In order to more fully embrace the spirit of the season and also to give me an excuse to keep using the word Spooktober I may post other horror-related stuff over the next month. Regularly scheduled Kvothe posts will continue, of course.


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