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Linkedy link:’s Way of Kings re-read

So, I gather people were enjoying my Way of Kings Let’s Read before I canned it. As it turns out is hosting its own re-read of the book, which includes such fascinating side-material as a catalog of all of the different kinds of spren mentioned thus far. I am utterly baffled as to why anyone would want that, but apparently some people do.

The tone of this series is a bit more…. even-handed, shall we say, but I very much enjoyed Tor’s Wheel of Time re-read even though they were written by a fan, and not someone who hates those books with the fury of a thousand erupting volcanoes.

While we’re on the subject of Tor, they also have an exhaustive post series on the Kvothe books, including speculation about all of the plot that apparently happened in when while I wasn’t looking. Just in case you need more exhaustive prattling on Rothfuss books in your life.