For your viewing pleasure

I found this on Deviantart and thought readers of this blog would get a kick out of it:


The only deficiency is the lack of an area called “The Reach”.

(Also if anyone is aware of fantasy novels with Clockwork Tzars and Elk Tribes please let me know)





9 thoughts on “For your viewing pleasure

  1. James Oliver

    Considering it was after two in the morning and I was sick and constantly nodding off, I am surprised to have gotten away with just repeating myself.

    I’d definitely recommend the books for a Let’s Read.

  2. James Oliver

    R.A. Salvatore’s Legend of Drizzt features several animal-themed barbarian tribes, though they only appear in any significant capacity in the first book, where they serve as antagonists. They appear haphazardly throughout the series after, but never in any significant capacity. Wulfgar, one of the supporting characters, is a member of the Elk Tribe.
    I wouldn’t recommend reading them.

  3. Andrea Harris (@SpinsterAndCat)

    I think that Clockwork Tsars thing refers to works like Leigh Bardugo’s “Shadow and Bone” – that incidentally got slammed by some actual Russian sf readers as being appropriating and incorrect, the author just lifting real Russian terms wholesale and using them to mean completely different things, etc.


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