Let’s Read The Dresden Files: Fool Moon ch. 17-18


Chapter 17

Ever wish you had an almanac?

I did, that night. I had no idea what time the moon was supposed to rise, and I hadn’t exactly had time to run to the library or a bookstore.

Butcher sure is getting a lot of mileage out of that no-technology-for-wizards thing.

This is an example of an author smoothing over a problem that isn’t actually a problem- if the text had just not brought up the idea of checking when the moon is rising it would never have occurred to me.

For all my vaunted wizard’s knowledge, I had no real idea of his capabilities; although after seeing Kim’s body, I had something of an idea of what he could do

Make people’s clothes vanish?

Harry approaches Special Investigations (which has its own holding cells apparently) and overhears a hilariously ironic conversation.

Murphy snorted. “Christ, Carmichael. Is Dresden going to have to walk right into the office before you can find him?”

Oh ho ho ho.

Then it’s on to the holding cells, which are behind a locked door but Murphy’s blending potion makes the guy at the desk just obliviously buzz him through.

(Incidentally there’s this system where the blending potion makes Harry’s vision turn monotone, but if people start to notice him too much they take on colour. It’s a neat idea but also really feels like something designed for a videogame)

Harry notices a bank of security cameras and we get a spooky scene where he sees MacFinn going on a rampage through the cells post-werewolf transformation. Harry spends a remarkably long time gawking at this before he thinks to do something.

“Look,” I said and pointed at the monitor. My finger trembled, and my voice came out as a ghost of a whisper. I tried again, jabbing my finger at the monitors and half shouting, “Look!” at the jailer.

Personally I would have gone with the fire alarm, but that’ll work too. And hey, now Harry will have some concrete example of the supernatural to show everyone and

I should have known better, of course. Wizards and technology simply do not mix

Aaaaaand of course the monitors spontaneously break.

The guard buzzes open the security door and MacFinn comes roaring over to say hi, so Harry has a bit of a struggle to keep the door closed. He fails to do so.

The loup-garou was a wolf, in the same way that a velociraptor is a bird-same basic design, vastly different outcome


There is so much wrong with that sentence I have no idea where to even start. The whole dinosaur-bird thing is a vastly simplified pop-science distillation of a much more interesting reality.

Anyway, MacFinn goes for the guard, who manages to empty a clip into its head to no avail.

It rose up as the guard screamed, “No, no, no, nonononononono!”

Harry realizes that the guard’s flailing accidentally set off an alarm, which is “hooting enthusiastically”. Okay, I get you want to use inventive prose, but you have to be careful with it or it’s going to cause some really weird mental images. Earlier the book used “I trumpeted” and it made me picture Harry opening his mouth and making elephant noises.

Anyway the gist of this is that Murphy and her gang are going to come running and Harry has to get MacFinn out of there before they arrive. There’s some struggling with gates and things and he narrowly manages to escape without getting mauled. I’m really wondering how the hell Murphy’s superiors are going to react to the shredded steel doors and multiple people effortlessly torn to bits- there’s no non-supernatural way to explain that.

Harry uses a force-deflecting physics spell that brought back unpleasant flashbacks of Kvothe and his nonsensical magical lectures and manages to lose his staff after being hurled backward down a hallway.

It was no wonder that I had lost to such a magnificently dangerous being. I hated to go, but at least I hadn’t gotten beaten by some scabby troll or whining, angst-ridden vampire. And I wasn’t going to turn away from it, either.


So I could clearly see as Murphy looked down at me with crystal-blue eyes that saw right through the potion’s remaining effects. She gave me a hard glance and placed herself between me and the onrushing monster in a shooter’s stance, raising up her gun in a futile gesture of protection.

Damn it Murphy why do you have to be so cool.

Chapter 18

Thankfully Murphy has plot immunity and some sort of fancy scoped pistol loaded with custom-made silver bullets (*swoon*) so she manages to get Macfinn to exit the immediate vicinity via a wall. Take note that Murphy, who has no magical abilities at all, has now managed to be more effective at both tracking and injuring werewolves than Harry has been in the same amount of time. Really makes you wonder what he’s even doing in this story.

She was without makeup or jewelry, her earlobes curiously naked and vulnerable without earrings.

Shut the fuck up about her ear-lobes Harry.

I felt her slip her hand inside an enormous tear in the blue jumpsuit that I hadn’t seen before and run her palm over my chest and shoulders, checking the arteries there. “You’re under arrest, by the way.”

So awesome.

“Murph. Listen to yourself. We’re stuck in a building with one of the nastiest creatures around, and you’re still trying to arrest me.

To be fair you haven’t really been all that useful so far.

“Jesus Christ,” Rudolph said, his eyes wide, his short, dark hair coated with drifting dust.


“You saw it on the security monitors, right? What that thing did to Sergeant Hampton?”

Hey look at that! Documented evidence of the supernatural. So I guess we can just dispense with the whole “no one believes Harry” thing now, right?

One of the Special Investigations rookies hauls Harry off to the office for some quiet time while Murphy and more officers head off track down MacFinn. Harry realizes that MacFinn’s blood is all over the place and he can therefore attempt to justify his presence in the narrative by doing some magic. This involves going to Murphy’s office.

Underneath the neat paper square, at an angle, was a red and purple bumper sticker that said: TRESPASSERS WILL BE KILLED AND EATEN.

Murphy’s so cool you guys.

Harry collects the weapons that were taken from him when he was arrested a few minutes ago and asks the low-level cop (Rudy) for a stuffed animal.

He stared at me. “Wh-what did you say?”

“A stuffed animal, man!” I roared at him. “Don’t mess with a wizard when he’s wizarding!” I let out a cackle that threatened to bring the wild hysteria that still lurked inside of me back in full force

Um. Okay.

There are stuffed toys lying around for reasons. Rudy gets a Snoopy doll and then shit goes down.

And then all hell broke loose.

I like how all of these chapters end on DRAMATIC CLIFFHANGERS, it makes these posts seem more exciting.

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