Let’s Read The Dresden Files: Fool Moon ch. 27-28


Chapter 27

Harry traipses off to where Susan is to trigger the climax of the story (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I

“They’ll kill you,” she said. “Don’t go.”

We also get to hear once again about hte time Harry SOULGAZED Susan and she fainted because of how manly he is or whatever (that’s not literally the reason given in the book but you know Butcher is totally implying it).

And then they have sex.

She tensed at first, and then melted against me with a deliciously feminine sort of willingness, a soft abandoning of distance that left her body, in all its dark beauty, pressed against mine.


She’s so soft you guys, and also dark. But Harry isn’t soft and dark, because he’s white and he has stubble and he’s a MMMMAAAAAAAAAAN.

“I don’t know if I want to fall in love with you, Harry. I don’t know if I could stand it.”

Good call, Susan.

I started crying, hard, and Susan held me, rocked me gently, until the tears had gone away.

I’m noticing a trend in all these books (Kvothe, Goodkind, and The Dresden Files) that the hero will be a rugged manly man most of the time, except for during a moment of intimacy with a woman, usually but not exclusively someone he’s romantically involved with or aspires to be romantically involved with. It’s strange because I’m all for pressing the eject button on ideas of traditional masculinity that require men to never cry or show emotions other than lust or rage, so I should approve of these scenes, but something about them repulses me. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s always an attractive woman involved to soothe the hero’s manpain and kiss his penisboo-boos (Susan undresses Harry and cleans his wounds before they go at it) that makes the scene come across as some sort of fantasy more than anything else.

Instead, I drew away from her a little and sat up.

It was a fool’s moon.


Ever had a beautiful, naked woman dress you? Talk about girding your loins for battle. There was something indescribably soothing and at the same time, exciting, about it.


Then she gives him a new douchey leather trenchcoat that she had intended to be a birthday present.

But I got to wear it around naked, just to feel it on my skin.”


Susan decides to come along to drive the van and this naturally triggers another round of OMG NO I MUST NOT ACCEPT HELP FROM PPL BC I HAVE TO PROTECT THEM from Harry, but he agrees in the end.

I scowled after her. She’d stay away from the worst of it. I’d make sure of that, if I had to tie her to the van myself.

God I hate this character.

Now that our man-hero has had some man-sex he can go off to man-fight.

Chapter 28

Check out this awesome purple prose:

The clouds churned, a white-foam sea, and the moon was a vast, graceful clipper ship, its sails full of spectral light as it ran before the strength of the cold autumn winds

Harry and the goth kids in wolf mode are outside Marcone’s mansion, trying to sneak in. This involves Tera being naked again because this book was co-written by Jim Butcher’s penis.

“Um,” one of the other girls had said, a redheaded lass who filled out her robe a little too generously.

Yeah calling a teenage girl fat. You sure are a gentleman Harry, wow.

Harry calls a group huddle and tells the weregoths not to try and kill the wereagents because, uh, reasons. “We’ll be just as bad as them”, apparently, even though the wereagents are tearing innocent people to shreds for the lulz.

Just don’t get killed, guys. Do what you have to do to stay alive. That’s your first priority. And if you’ve got to kill them to do it, then don’t hesitate.

But you just said not to kill anyone! Make up your mind Harry.

Because of some contrived bullshit Harry is going to sneak into the grounds of Marcone’s mansion at one location while the weregoths enter at a different point. During this scene we’re reminded that Tera is naked about fifty times.

Marcone’s place is riddled with cameras, which would seem to be an ideal opportunity for Harry’s convenient anti-technology wizard field to kick in, but no. His “energy” is too depleted or whatever, so I guess that whole “wizards don’t work with technology thing” really does operate entirely on plot convenience.

Also Harry is apparently so exhausted that walking to the other side of Marcone’s property to use a crumbled section of wall that Tera found is too much for him. I’m going to hold the book to that.

” Malivaso, ” I whispered, and pushed my hand out at the square shape, like a grade-school girl throwing a baseball wrong handed.

I guess the baseball gene is on the Y chromosome.

My own black leather duster was utterly invisible, and I remembered reading somewhere that the gleam of my eyes and teeth would be the most likely to give me away

I don’t think that’s actually how it works, unless you’re in a cartoon.

Harry waits for a while but none of he weregoths show up.

Something had gone wrong. I was alone.

This is all just a huge trick set up to troll Harry, they’re off getting pizza while he sneaks around Marcone’s gangster pad like a jackass.


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7 thoughts on “Let’s Read The Dresden Files: Fool Moon ch. 27-28

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  2. Andrea Harris (@SpinsterAndCat)

    “[she] melted against me with a deliciously feminine sort of willingness…”

    Ugh, what is that even, Jim Butcher makes the average Hallmark Romance writer sound like Charles Bukowski. Also it just makes me think “ew, melted, sounds sticky!”

  3. braak

    One of the problems with the “hero breaks down crying so the girl can love him” is that it still situates the woman in the relationship as a kind of prop to the man’s ultimate catalog of greatness: “He’s badass when he needs to be, but also look, he can be vulnerable, because of LOVE!”

    Among many other problems, this encourages young men to think that women want to sit around stroking their hair while they cry out all of their repressed feelings.

  4. Aaron Adamec-Ostlund (@AaronAO)

    The red headed weregoth is named Andi. In later books she loses weight and becomes just another hot women, of which this series has no shortage. Also she’s bisexual so she can titillate the readership by being in a relationship with another woman, but later she can be given as a prize to another male nerd wish-fulfilment character. Also she has a tendency to become captured, such that the characters who know her all make of her for it. That is the entirety of her character development in 15 books. Just thought you should know.

    Also the “Don’t kill…unless you have to.” bit is a constant theme throughout the books, since killing people with magic is bad, unless it’s done by one of the good guys because it’s self defense or justified in some other way.

  5. Signatus

    The worst part about that sort of sexism is that it goes completely unnoticed. It is taken as a given, as part of our culture, and that’s absolutely bullshit. A woman is no worse at driving or playing football than an average man, but if a woman is not good at certain things, it is because “she’s a woman” while if a man is not good, it is the individual, not the gender, who is at “fault”. The fact that these sort of demonstrations of sexism not only persist, but are viewed as normal and even joked upon is disgusting.

    As for men crying, I have to agree with everything Reveen said. The relationship is not between equals, it is between a mother/damsel in distress, and the manchild hero. The fact that he is showing certain emotions is only because Butcher does not want to fall into the archetype of the emotionless hero, but he is not capable of creating a credible enough situation for this to work.
    And I hate Susan. I really, really hate her. She’s like Kahlan, a pointless character who is only in the story to serve as the hero’s trophy. There is never a single point in the whole of several books where I got any sort of chemistry between them. Forced relationships do not work.

  6. Reveen

    I should approve of these scenes, but something about them repulses me.

    For me it’s that it seems distinctly Freudian. Like, she doesn’t just comfort him as someone he loves and trusts, she literally rocks him until he stops crying. And she just does it immediately, as if a woman having “maternal instinct” is a given.

    The thing that creeps me out about these kinds of love interests is that it doesn’t seem like they’re supposed to be just a girlfriend or wife. They’re also supposed to operate as a mother to take care of the hero, a Girl Best Friend to take interest in what the hero does and cheer him on, and even a daughter who’s supposed to be vulnerable so the hero can protect her.

    Also, sex after getting his wounds bound? Shouldn’t that be, like, incredibly painful?

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