Let’s Read The Dresden Files: Fool Moon ch. 34


Chapter 34



So I actually can’t remember what happened last time very clearly. Most of the villains died, this wrapping up their respective plot threads. And that whole thing with Murphy not trusting Harry for completely justified reasons seemingly came to a head with her ordering Harry to stop wizarding at precisely the worst moment possible.


“Sit up, dummy,” Murphy said. “Look behind you.”

I did sit up, and it didn’t hurt much worse than it had earlier this evening, surprising me again. I looked behind me.

Denton was there. He held a fallen branch in one hand, like a club. His eyes were wide and staring and savage, his face pale with loss of blood. There was a neat hole in his forehead, right in the middle.

Yes that’s right, the situation was set up in such a way that Harry thought Murphy was trying to shoot him when- do you see- she was actually trying to save him. This required her to a) not notice MacFinn b) Decide to try and shoot Denton while standing directly in front of Harry c) word her warning to him in precisely the right way so that it would sound like  she was trying to arrest him. It sure is convenient how all of that worked out.

Anyway Murphy starts insulting him and Harry informs us that their stalwart friendship is back on track. Oh, those two.

“Dramatic death scene. Noble sacrifice, right? Tragically misunderstood? Hah! I understand you, buddy. You’re such a pompous, arrogant, pretentious, chauvinistic, hopelessly old-fashioned, stupidly pigheaded …”

It’s dispiriting that recognizing these qualities in Harry didn’t stop Butcher from writing fourteen books about him.

Later, I went with Murph to Carmichael’s funeral. She went with me to Kim Delaney’s

Oh yeah, Kim. Remember her?

Marcone’s bodyguard was wearing a bulletproof vest and is still alive, Marcone himself got arrested but nothing stuck despite the presence of four dead FBI agents in his back garden, so I guess him and Harry can meet again each and every week, always in more sexy and exciting ways.

Though everything had happened on his property, injuries on the FBI agents indicated that they had all done one another in, or been killed by an animal-except for Denton, of course. None of the peace officers there had possessed a warrant, et cetera, et cetera

Why the fuck does that matter? Is it legal to kill FBI agents if they come onto your property without a warrant?

We get more little speils about what happened to each of the characters, which reminds me of those pre-credits things they do in biopics where they give a little summary of the boring part of everyone’s lives and show a photo of what they really looked like. Susan took a totally sweet video of Harry wizarding MacFinn and Murphy shooting Denton, but the copies “mysteriously” vanished.

Some people just can’t deal with the thought of the supernatural being real.


We finally learn what the deal is with Tera, which is that she’s basically a reverse-werewolf: a wolf who shape-shifts into a human. That’s kind of unique, I guess. She fucks off to some mountains to rejoin with her wolf-bros.

The book ends with Harry commenting on the mysterious appearance of an evil warlock in the first book and the mysterious appearance of a bunch of hexenwolves in this book and concluding that some sort of vaguely-defined SHADOWY WIZARD CONSPIRACY is going on. If the next book isn’t about that I’m going to murder someone.



So that’s it! One exciting wizard-adventure completed. There will not be a formal review post because there isn’t really much more to say about this book.

My intention was and still is to make my way through as many of these books as I can stand, but I need to take a bit of a break first. Too much exposure to Harry’s soul-gaze, I guess. I’ll be focusing entirely on completing Wizard’s First Rule, mostly due to a strong desire to not have to read Wizard’s First Rule anymore.

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Read The Dresden Files: Fool Moon ch. 34

  1. April

    I’ll be interested to hear your take on the 3rd and 4th books, which is where most fans agree that the series had an uptick in quality.

  2. Patrick

    Hijack! Will we see a review of the silent Hill film yet? I’m still hoping for one…

    On topic: I read the first five books yay ago and your reviews make me wonder how I could stomach that.

    1. ronanwills Post author

      I actually have a review of the first one most of the way done, but haven’t posted it yet due to a) massive procrastination and b) an extreme reluctance to force myself to watch, review or think about the sequel.

      Maybe I’ll just post it some time over the next few days.

  3. braak

    “Is it legal to kill FBI agents if they come onto your property without a warrant?”

    In America, depending on the circumstances, yes. In fact, in some cases it’s legal to kill them even if they HAVE a warrant — if the FBI agents are serving a “no-knock warrant” for instance (when they have the legal right to search your property, but don’t have a responsibility to identify themselves — i.e., a surprise warrant), and you, in fear for your life and safety, misidentify them as aggressive intruders (which, you know, they technically are), fire away man. You’ll be arrested, but probably not charged.

    1. tanglefox

      Um, you will definitely be arrested and you will probably be charged. US legal definitions of self-defense vary by state, but the government takes a dim view of killing its law enforcement. If you’re a white guy in the right state, you might get off, but the feds would press charges at the very least.

      1. Austin H. Williams

        Strangely, I’d figure that they’d get away with killing a federal agent before killing a local one.

        Armed-to-the-teeth, die-for-the-Second-Amendment types tend to have a real hate on towards the federal government. Y’know, the one that was established by the Constitution they love so much.

      2. Reveen

        While, I don’t doubt that you could get off for killing an FBI agent in your home in some parts of a the country, and a sizable portion of the populace thinks that’s A-OK, I’m pretty sure Illinois isn’t one of those places.

        Butcher is from Missouri, right? Guess that explains it. It’s another case of not researching Chicago.

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