Let’s Read Wizard’s First Rule ch. 46-47

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Richard is on a dragon!

It was a frustrating day

You have less than a week until Darken Rahl will either rule or destroy the world. I don’t think “frustrating” is the word to use here.

They don’t find Kahlan and co so Scarlet flies Richard back to her nest and he decides that if it comes down to it he’ll just have to help Rahl open the correct box. This is obviously the morally correct thing to do, but I can’t help but notice that Richard appears to be motivated entirely by saving Kahlan from being tortured as opposed to, you know, stopping the world from being destroyed. Rahl could easily be lying about sparing Kahlan but once he’s in power he’s not likely to turn around and unleash the apocalypse just to be contrary.

On the second day Richard locates his buddies and gets Scarlet to let him down, apparently completely forgetting the spell Rahl put on him that would make his friends see him as enemies.

When he looked up, wizard’s fire was wailing toward him.

Hey look, Shota was right. I still insist that all of the worry about her prophecy was pointless since it came true through a series of events that would have seemed spectacularly unlikely at the time and that none of them could have seen coming or prevented anyway.

Richard concludes that since Zedd is still his ally (because the enemy web worked on him) that must mean Kahlan is the traitor. Not, you know Chase or that brother of yours back home who dresses suspiciously similar to Rahl and had a weird fixation on fire last time you saw him.

Anyway Richard confirms that Kahlan isn’t the traitor since she thinks he’s Darken Rahl. He tries to communicate with Zedd and Kahlan but they hear him speaking D’Haran and can’t understand him. Richard reluctantly takes off again to find Michael’s army, although Scarlet points out quite reasonably that all of the soldiers will likely try to kill him as well.

Three and a half days, and then Darken Rahl would die. Then Kahlan would be safe for sure. Forever. Then he would go back to Westland, and be finished with the magic. Be famished with Kahlan. The thought of never, seeing her again made him weak with pain.

For God’s sake man, the fate of the world is at stake here. Your mopey adolescent romance is like 500th on the list of most important priorities right now.

Scarlet leaves Richard ahead of Michael’s army and flies off back to her egg.

When they had played at swords, Michael had liked Richard to salute him, while on one knee. Would Michael remember that? He had liked it done often; it made him smile more than anything else. Michael called it the loser’s salute.

Yeah, my traitor alarm is going off something fierce right now.

Richard notices that Michael is riding fast with a small group of his personal guard and interprets it as a reckless attempt to rescue him from Rahl’s palace. Or maybe he’s taking the box straight to Rahl, just like Rahl said. Given that Richard has jumped to believe everyone else when they said he’d be betrayed I don’t see why he isn’t considering this as a possibility. I mean, Zedd, Kahlan and Chase all turned on him under the influence of the spell, that really only leaves one other candidate.

Sure enough, when Richard rolls into Michael’s tent (literally) he reacts in the most suspicious way possible:

“Richard…howdidyou…Whatareyoudoinghere?It’s…so…goodtoseeyouagain. We have all been so . . . worried.”


When the enemy web was put on him, Rahl had said those who honored Rahl would see Richard for who he was.

Michael saw him for who he was.

This would be a lot more effective if a) it wasn’t blindingly obvious from the moment Michael was introduced and b) he had actually figured into the plot again in some meaningful way during the last forty or so chapters.

Richard manages to extricate himself from the tend without letting Micheal now that he’s cottoned on to his deception, but Michael still sends some dudes to bring Richard back “for his own safety”.

Richard didn’t want to have to kill them; they were Westlanders

If they were unarmed children that would have been fine, though.


[TW for rape in this one, people]

Zedd lies awake and thinks about the strange encounter they had with “Rahl” the day before, and how weird it was that he was carrying the Sword of Truth.

The veil, the prophecies called it, the veil between the world of life and the underworld. If the veil was torn by the magic of Orden, through an agent, the prophecies foretold, only the one who had turned the Sword of Truth white could restore it. Unless he was able to, the underworld would be loosed on the world of the living.

I really like how elegantly this story information is inserted into the text, it totally doesn’t feel like Goodkind is just making shit up as he goes along.

The word agent had terrible significance that worried Zedd greatly. It could mean that Darken Rahl was not acting on his own, but was an agent.

You don’t say.

An agent of the underworld. That he had gained mastery of the subtractive magic, the underworld magic, implied that he was.

This seriously feels like the story’s plot changed direction some time during the first draft and no attempt was made to work the new plot threads backward into the preceding chapters.

His heart ached for her pain, ached because he hadn’t been able to help her when Rahl held the sword at her throat; ached for what she felt for Richard, and for what he couldn’t tell her.

Mysteriiiiiiieeees I don’t care

Just then Chase stumbled into camp, covered in blood and with his hands bound, followed shortly by Demmin Nass, Rahl’s child molestor henchman, who’s leading a quad.

“Ah. You’ve heard of me, Mother Confessor.” His wicked smile widened. “I’ve certainly heard of you. Your friend here has killed five of my best men I’ll execute him later, after the festivities. I’d like him to the have the enjoyment of watching what we do to you.”


Zedd tries to use a paralysis spell on the four men, but it bounces off of some sort of underworld magic and hits him instead. Kahlan pulls a knife on Demmin but is easily defeated, getting her frail lady-arm broken in the process. Zedd sits helplessly and watches, overcome by manpain.

He wished she wouldn’t fight them; it was only going to make it worse

Go fuck yourself, Zedd.

Just then, Chase crashes into one of the quad dudes and breaks his neck with his thighs, which is apparently a thing people are capable of. A second later Wolfbro joins the fight.

It was too late. The knife slashed into the wolf with a sickening thud as the fist holding it slammed against the ribs. Over and over, Nass tore the wolf open. In moments, it was over. Brophy lay sprawled on the ground, his fur matted with blood. His legs jerked a little, then were still.

Oh, no. He was such a memorable character.

Kahlan starts taunting Demmin by calling him a wimp for not raping her himself and implying that his father abused him and ugh let’s just get this fucking scene over with.

So that was it. Zedd understood. Kahlan knew she was going to die, and was willing to trade whatever worse Nass could do to her for knowing if Richard was all right. She didn’t want to die without knowing if he was safe.

Of course, it’s really all about Richard.

Demmin tells her about Richard being tortured and speculates that he’s probably dead by now, so Kahlan uses some sort of Confessor scream-magic.

Zedd nearly choked with the fear of what she was doing. He had seen this being done only once before, and it came to no good end. She was joining the Confessor’s magic, the additive, the love, with its counterpart from the underworld, the subtractive, the hate.

What is with this additive and subtractive stuff? Why is it only being brought up now, near the end of the book?

“It’s called the Con Dar. The Blood Rage.” Zedd looked slowly from Kahlan to the boundary warden. “It’s something only a few of the strongest Confessors can do. And she should not be able to do it at all.”

This is because normally it can only be taught by a Confessor’s mother because reasons, and Kahlan’s mother died before she reached the minimum age. Blah blah prophecies whatever. Kahlan Confessors the quad dudes and orders them to keel over dead, then Confessors Demmin, castrates him and forces him to eat his own testicles. Wheee.

A Confessor in the Blood Rage cannot be reasoned with. It’s like trying to reason with a thunderstorm it will only get you hit by lightning.”

Those women and their emotions, eh? Right? Am I right?

Anyway Kahlan kills Demmin with his own mace, then makes face-markings for herself out of poisonous berries. I think this is supposed to be cool. It isn’t. Then she announces her intention to go and kill Darken Rahl.

I am announcing my intention to round up all copies of this book and hurl them into the sun.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Read Wizard’s First Rule ch. 46-47

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  2. Elspeth Grey

    There seems to be a thing in fantasy and sci-fi with big, epic stakes to try to make the hero(ine) more relatable by giving them a smaller motivation- typically needing to save the love interest. At least, I assume it’s usually done with the thinking of “this might be so big the reader isn’t emotionally processing it, we’ll throw in some romance to make it feel ‘real’.” In practice it just results in the reader/viewer going “why are you wasting time thinking about this THE WORLD IS GOING TO END.”

  3. Signatus

    Beserker magic would have been awesome if it hadn’t been fueled by romantic pain over Richard’s demise or whatever. If it would have been some sort of battleform, like going Sayayin or something, I would have been totally cool with this. Even with the brutality.
    The fact that Chase thinks Kahlan “knows what justice means” when she makes Demmin eat his own testicles is very scary. I’m the very first person that has an absolute hathred towards abusers and pedophiles, and anyone who hurts living beings for fun. But that’s not justice, that’s violence, that’s primal rage, vengenance, but it is not justice.

    Anyways, as the book goes on, it is more and more obvious Goodkind is a terrible writer who can’t make coherent characters. Darken Rahl needs a Confessor to verify the truth about the book of Counted Shadows or something. So, what does he do?
    Kill them all.

    He wants to breed with Kahlan so he can have a Confessor child. So what does he do?
    Send 10 violent men to rape her.

    He needs the THREE boxes of Orden, the Book of Counted Shadows, a Confessor, etc, and knows full well that if he puts them to play, he’ll have limited time before dieing. So what does he do?
    Put them to play before having all boxes, without knowing where the fuck the book is and assassinate all Confessors… brilliant. Just brilliant!

    How can these people be so STUPID? Shota tells Richard his friends will betray him, and he believes the evil, treacherous witch.
    It was so obvious Michael was the traitor the only surprising thing is Richard could be so naive to not have seen it before.
    Zedd is the most powerful wizard in the whole Midlands, yet not once does he consider Rahl may have put a wizard’s web over Richard to confuse his friends (apparently that’s not something evil overlords do).
    Kahlan has had this power within her all this time, only now we learn about it.
    Mord Siths are a threat to magic users and yet nobody told Richard about them because… why would they? Not like the Midlands is full of threatening things and not like Rahl is going after him or anything.
    Evil pedophile tells Kahlan Richard has been tortured and killed by a Mord Sith and she believes him?
    Rahl uses threats and murder when charisma would have gained him more allies? If he wanted Kahlan, wouldn’t it have been better to try to romance her or something? I don’t know, buy her a diamond or something. Oh, yah, he’s super evil… can’t have a super evil character being a nice dude.

    What was Brophy’s part in this whole ordeal? Apart from dieing in the most pointless way, because of course you can’t have a book/movie/serie without killing a dog.

    Anyways, can’t believe this books are so terrible. Can’t wait to be over them. Someone passed me the Divergent books, the movie was terrible so I’m not expecting much out of them. Anyways, my new work protocols just came out so I’ll guess I’ll be busy studying them.

    1. Signatus

      Forgot to add something. The prose is just terrible. Since this gullivel people believe everything, Zedd has heard Richard is death and has been hurt by it, only to talk calmly about his passing away with Chase while Kahlan goes Beserker mode, and suddenly Goodkind seems to remember he should be hurting so he pushes him into the most melodramatic “I don’t want to live any more” monologue ever.
      I know emotions are one of the hardest things to do in books, but really, less is more. Butcher might not be a good writer but one of the most emotionally strong scenes I’ve ever read was in one of his books, and it took three short sentences.

      Writers often go their way talking about thoughts going through the character’s minds. When a friend of mine perished in a car accident, I remember just laying down on the sofa, not thinking anything at all. I just wanted to lay on the sofa.
      When my first dog died due to a veterinary malpraxis, I remember looking at her in utter disbelief. I jsut couldn’t believe she was gone, I refused to believe she was gone. All those thoughts of “i don’t want to live any more” “My life has no meaning”, etc, never happened. It was like my brain had trouble getting around the fact that they were gone so it just shut down for a while.

      It seems most of the time writers pick movies as examples of how human emotions work, and movies are as a good source as their own books. Real life might not be as espectacular but it is… you know, realistic.

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