Let’s Read The Dresden Files: Grave Peril ch. 5


[There’s going to be a delay of further updates for about a week, just a head’s up]

Chapter Five

It’s back to the present, as Harry and Michael plunge bravely into Ghostworld! Unfortunately Harry’s bag of ghost powder gets super heavy because it’s meant to be material and spiritually inert, or something.

Michael frowned down at my hands. “You know, I never really thought to ask before-but what is that dust made of?”

“Depleted uranium,” I told him. “At least, that’s the base ingredient.

I’m not quite sure I get the connection between something being materially dense and spiritually dense. Maybe Harry’s brain can count as intellectually dense enough to negate the ghost’s powers.

Ghostworld is pretty cool. It’s based on Chicago circa the early 20th century, as Agatha Ghostface would have remembered it.

Everything-streets, sidewalks, buildings-was made of wood.

When I initially read this I was like “wooden streets? whaaaaaa?” but according to google Chicago still has some remnants of wood block streets, like so:


(actually Philadelphia, but you get the point)

Which is a lot more interesting than just saying “wooden streets”.

Harry suggests that they try to get a good look at Agatha Ghostface to try and figure out what’s gotten the ghosts all riled up. No it’s cool Harry, I’m sure all those suffocating infants will be fine.

I need to be not in mortal peril for a couple of minutes to examine her.

You came so close to a title drop there, Harry.

Just then Agatha comes exploding up out of the wooden street, having now activated Stage 5 Ghostface Mode. She knocks Harry and Michael around for a bit, then suddenly!

I could hear haunting, musical baying, ghostly in the midnight air. “Holy shit,” I breathed. “Hellhounds.”

This apparently signals the arrival of Harry’s mysterious Godmother that he failed to mention in the previous two books. They resolve to take out Agatha post-haste and Harry sends a jet of “white” fire “spewing” from his blasting rod (actual words). Then he shoves it into her mouth. Once again I’m almost tempted to speculate that these books are elaborate parodies in disguise.

Anyway they defeat Agatha Haggleghost through a combination of Michael’s ghost sword and Harry’s ghost powder, then discover that there were wires embedded throughout her body (creepy image) that drove her to violence. Ghost wires. This is evidently how someone is getting all the ghosts to do the graveyard smash and start killing people.

Michael and Harry are about to leave when Harry’s Godmother, Lea, appears. DRESDEN SCAN yeah you know the drill by now.

A very tall, slender, inhumanly beautiful woman stepped out of the smoke. Reddish hair curled down past her hips in a riotous cascade, complementing her flawless skin, high cheekbones, and lush, full, bloodred lips. Her face was ageless, and her golden eyes had vertical slits instead of pupils, like a cat. Her gown was a flowing affair of deep green.

This is reminding me way too much of Felurian.

I stepped forward, between the faerie and Michael

Way too much of Felurian. Although she does have hellhounds, which is pretty cool.

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Read The Dresden Files: Grave Peril ch. 5

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  2. Austin H. Williams

    If I were to write a parody of fantasy noir, I would totally have a guy firing a white-hot stream of energy out of his “blasting rod.” *cough*

    But if these were a clever stealth parody, what would they be parodying? The Dresden Files is pretty much a foundational for the genre. And when you read the books Butcher clearly exerted influence on, it shows… -_-

      1. Austin H. Williams

        Sandman Slim, The Iron Druid Chronicles, and Disciple of the Dog all fall more or less into the mold that Butcher established.

        Maybe saying he influenced them is too strong a word; perhaps “paved the way for” might be better. Still, these fantasy-noir stories with grizzled first-person male narrators bumbling through the plot… Butcher did get there first. Or at least he was notably popular first.

      2. Signatus

        OMG! That was amazing!!!
        I had no idea those two books existed, but they looks so terrible I’m not even compelled to read them for their badness.

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