Let’s Read Otherbound ch. 15-16


Chapter 15

Last time with Cilla and Amara it was curse o’clock, but let’s see what Nolan is up to!

Nolan double-checked the questions he’d flagged as beyond his reach. Two out of every three.

Totally failing to prepare for a physics test, apparently.

But never mind that, Nolan is super happy about no longer being OTHERBOUND. He speculates that maybe he really was hallucinating all these years and the medication worked (you’re about to be disappointed, dude). At the same time we also see that he’s kind of at a loss as to what to actually do with himself now. He finds himself dreaming about the Dunelands and staring at his notebooks.

But just then a hot girl comes along! Now that he’s no longer hovering on the cusp of being non-functional he decides to try and put the moves on her.

Sometimes he forgot just how clueless he was, though.

See Nolan actually comes across as clueless around girls, as opposed to a certain someone.

He could date and kiss and a whole lot more—see what sex was like with his own body. He’d probably be decent, having lived the girl’s perspective a hundred times already. That had to give him a leg up.

Oh Nolan, you’re such a teenage boy.

Mysterious loner boy? His eyebrows rose. It didn’t sound as if Sarah meant it in a bad way, though. Maybe she was into mysterious loners

Hell yeah she is bro

Double Dragon Neon High Five

Anyway Nolan ends up asking her out on the spur of the moment. The bell rings just then, and she says she’ll consider it. I sure hope no sudden Dunelands-related occurrences ruin this date

Chapter 16

In a way, Amara supposed Cilla should be grateful for the
curse. It must’ve taken many mages to cast. With that
much power, they could’ve killed Cilla straightaway. It
would’ve been quicker. More effective, too. They’d had
one chance to get rid of the princess, and they’d screwed it up.
It would’ve been easier for everyone if they hadn’t.

Amara why u say hurtful things

Well actually, it’s pretty understandable, especially since Cilla’s blood-curse is about to activate. Amara pulls her away from bystanders and toward the nearby sand dunes, where the sharp dune grass starts attacking them. Amara smears Cilla’s blood on herself and gets ready to ride out the attack. But! Her wolverine healing factor isn’t working!

Amara had to choose which parts of herself to shield.
Maybe if she pressed her arms to her eyes . . .
Her arms. Why was that first gash still bleeding? Shallow
cuts usually healed fast.


So it seems that Nolan being OTHERBOUND is indeed somehow connected to Amara’s healing enchantment, and by kicking him out of her head she’s disabled it. Realizing this while being lacerated by dune grass is obviously less than ideal.

Once the grass is done slicing Amara to ribbons Jorn shows up and carries her away, displaying his usual sensitivity and tact. He brings her to a pub and starts treating her wounds, and we get some stomach-churning descriptions of previous (and much more severe) injuries that Amara has endured, all of which obviously healed shortly afterward.

Maybe Nolan had screwed with it. Maybe Nolan had broken it.
Maybe Nolan had broken her.

You’re so close Amara, keep narrating your feelings!

Jorn tries to browbeat the pub customers into grabbing some towels but they spot Amara’s servant tattoo and balk, so Cilla shows them her tattoo and is like “yo check this out assholes get some damn towels in here”.

Aaaaand Amara passes out. Cliffhanger!

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Read Otherbound ch. 15-16

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  2. Signatus

    Forgive me, guys, i’m on a cellphone, hence the grammar mistakes.

    Alice, i highly recomend you do read the book. I finnished it today and i believe you will like it. I think your opinions aré absolutely spot on. It is sexual minorities, racial collectives and even nationalities at a whole. The world is not only cishet, white, americans, yet the media is dominated by those. Movies from my country tend to be remade to appeal to american audiences, because they aré apparently too stupid to enjoy foreing cinema. Nationalities are often represented through stereotypes, and more often using insulting ones. More often they dont even bother with basic research. It is unfair, it is insulting and it gets annoying when time after time characters do not represent you, when you cant relate to them because it is the same male white hetero hero and quota female trophy every friggin time.

    But this book was a refreshing change from akl that. It is not perfect but it is a start, and a change. Give it a go. I think it is worth it.

  3. Toastehh

    I don’t think that the mere presence of a straight (or possibly bisexual) character is cause for criticism.

    1. ronanwills Post author

      “maybe a bi character if you squint”

      I’m not really sure how Amara’s bisexuality is in any way ambiguous- I’ve quoted multiple instances of her stating quite clearly that she’s attracted to Cilla. In fact it comes up in nearly every chapter she’s in, I just haven’t been mentioning every instance because I assumed it was a given at this point.

      Now I’m not going to hold Otherbound up as the CHAMPION OF DIVERSITY because it’s clearly not, but I feel like it’s jumping the gun to judge it when we’re less than halfway through. We know that Amara is bisexual and there have been strong hints that Cilla is also attracted to Amara, with no indication that she’s into guys; if that pans out the way I’m predicting it would mean two out of the three main characters are LGBT.

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