Let’s Read Otherbound ch.21-22


Chapter 21

Nolan writes a blog post journal entry about the GRAND ADVENTURE that Cilla and Amara are embarking on. Naturally said GRAND ADVENTURE is probably going to impact his life in all sorts of ways.

Ok, I think this is what’s happening. Nolan underlined the
word several times. I’m a mage, or whatever the Earth version is
and I can transport my mind into someone else. ( Just Amara? Others
if I try?) I used to do it without meaning to & now I can control it.

This is the one aspect of the book I still find slightly confusing- I’m not sure if we’re supposed to take this at face value or if Nolan and Amara are just mis-interpeting the situation. My assumption was that people from our world are actually the “spirits” that power magic in the Dunelands, but Amara seems to think that the situation between her and Nolan is completely unique.

Nolan journal-speculates that part of his brain responsible for WIZARD POWERS is activating whenever he blinks or falls asleep. Even if this isn’t true it’s a pretty smart idea. He also wonders if the specific tablets he’s taking are affecting his brain chemistry in a way that lets him control the ability.

As long as I take the pills, I can stay out of her mind. So I only
need to stick around until she’s safe w/parents. Then ??? I take pills the
rest of my life & hope I don’t focus on Amara too much b/c I’ll go by
accident? What if she needs to heal? Do I keep checking?

THAT SURE IS A STICKY PREDICAMENT and then the chapter ends wow that was short lets see what Cilla and Amara are up to

Chapter 22

It’s airtrain time!

Amara talks to Nolan and gets the scoop on his entire backstory. Afterward she asks him to just check in on her to see if she needs healing instead of staying inside her head all the time, but he explains that when he’s asleep it’s all or nothing.

Have him in her head for hours on hours or risk his being
out of her reach when she needed him. Invade her mind or
break her body.


Amara and Cilla arrive in the same town where the incident with the mage took place only to find it swarming with marshals (police, as far as I can tell) and Cilla deduces that they’re looking for her due to said mage ruckus.

Mages like the knifewielder wanted
Cilla dead. No question. But if the ministers wanted her alive—
and they had to, based on what Amara had overheard—then
who did the knifewielder and other mages work for?

I was going to say it’s strange that that never occurred to Amara before now, but it didn’t occur to me either.

Just then! The bartender from the pub they brought Amara to after the business with the dune grass appears. It turns out he’s loyal to the old royal family and agrees to help them without question.

“I respect servants for their duty and escaped ones for their
common sense, but publicly helping one would be dangerous.
If the ministers found out, they’d ruin my business.”
“Helping the princess seems even more dangerous.”
“The alternative was disobeying my princess’s orders.”

It is kind of a dick move that they’re putting this dude in danger to save themselves, but on the other hand I can’t really blame them given how desperate their own situation is. I’d probably end up doing the same thing.

The bartender offers to get them passage on a ship that a loyalist friend of his is captaning. Ocean voyage! I’m sure nothing will go wrong with that.

The ground glowed, too, pooling around her feet and running from there in a thin, smooth line to both sides, from the harbor house to the market, forcing anyone who wanted to board the ships to cross it.

The marshals had gotten a mage to circle the area. Her crossing the line had activated a spell.

Never mind.

Remember, earlier we were told that different enchantments can’t interact or else Bad Shit goes down (the lightning storm from earlier that destroyed an airtrain was caused by this). Amara appears to have escaped with just injuries to her knees, and realizes that she probably could have crossed the barriers Jorn used to use to keep her nearby at any time.

Unfortunately Amara can’t heal since the magic interference knocked Nolan out of her way, and Marshals quickly come running. At least burning out the spell means that when Cilla walks past it shortly afterward her curse doesn’t interact with the magic and cause some ruckus.

The bartender manages to make up some bullshit to dissuade them until Nolan comes back and Amara’s powers kick back in, but two more Marshals take off after Cilla so Amara gets into ACTION MODE.

Amara breathed deeply. Protect Cilla. A trip like any other. She
lowered one shoulder, letting the bag of supplies the bartender
had given her drop. She caught the strap before it crashed to
the stones and swung it against the nearest marshal’s shins.


This works as far as getting the marshals to focus on her instead of Cilla, but a few seconds later she gets clonked on the head by one of them. She escapes by rolling off the edge of the dock and into the water.

Amara swims to the ship they’re supposed to be getting on to see that Cilla has arrived there safely. She announces her plan to cling to the hull until the ship’s taken off and Cilla can pull her aboard (which I guess is the sort of thing you can do when you’re technically immortal) and Cilla goes inside.


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