Let’s Read The Slow Regard of Silent Things ch. 2


It’s time once more to slowly regard silent things!

Chapter 2: What A Look Entails

What does a look entail? An intriguing question.

Auri wakes up in the morning and its dark, which means that this is a doing day (yesterday was a finding day, try to keep up). Why? What does that even mean? The world may never know.

After this Auri faffs about for a bit being whimsical and describing the emotions felt by inanimate objects and stuff. You know, as you do. The gear Auri found in the last chapter is bothering her because she can’t figure out where to put it. Hooray for narrative momentum.

Before she left, Auri glanced back into Mantle at the brazen gear. But no. If it had wanted to come, it should have been content to stay in Port. Proud thing.

This is so god damn repetitive. I can’t emphasize that enough- it just goes on and on, page after page of Auri wandering around making non-sequiter observations about laughing doors or whatever. Except this time she also moves things around and puts things into other things.

Eventually, after 500 years, Auri gets hungry. So she looks at some almonds. Then she looks at a bowl with leaves on it. Then she makes whimsical non-sequiter observations. Then she looks at more stuff. Eventually she eats some figs, in a whimsical and dainty way.

She cupped some water from the well and drank it. She grinned. It gave her belly shivers.

Did it really

After eating its time to find a place for that mysterious gear. This involves yet more non-sequiters, and whimsy, and Auri making whimsical non-sequiters whimsically. For a long time. A very, very long time.

Something finally happens when Auri sees a bird fluttering around; apparently people who aren’t Kvothe have been in the Underthing before and Auri seems to think they’re going to come again, apparently to repair a burst pipe (so people do come down there to do repairs).

Then she made her way back to the door, her steps as slow and graceful as a fawn’s.

I haven’t mentioned it much but there’s a whole lot of talk of how tiny and delicate and waif-like and tiny Auri is. Apart from all the whimsy it’s probably the second most common thread in the story.

Auri turns a valve to switch off the flow of water, wondering if this will be noticed somewhere important and having no way to tell how long it will take until someone comes to fix the pipe.

Tromping everywhere with hard, uncaring boots. Looking at everything without a single thought of what a look entails.

title drooooooop

Better still, the slow regard of silent things had wafted off the moisture in the air.


So this all raises questions about Auri’s living arrangements. Based both on her perspective and Kvothe’s it seems like we really are supposed to view anyone else coming into the Underthing as a gross violation of Auri’s super special dainty sunshine whimsical non-sequiter nether rainbow sanctuary, which it, kind of…. isn’t. She’s basically squatting in an out of bounds area. If it was just a case where she was homeless and needed somewhere safe and comfortable sot stay I’d say fair enough, but as I’ve already pointed, out, she really doesn’t seem like she should be staying down there by herself.

Anyway Auri does some repairs on the pipe herself using something called “tenaculum” which google informs me is a surgical tool. In real life, I mean. It’s some kind of glue in Kvotheland. Once that’s done it’s time to whimsy back over to the valve and turn the water back on.

But it seems that something is still wrong (OR IS IT) and Auri becomes anxious. It seems as if she’s suffering from a panic attack, but she managed to hold onto her “true name” and snap out of it. At least I think that’s what’s happening. It’s kind of confusing.

Aaaaand then the chapter ends well at least it was shorter than the last one

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14 thoughts on “Let’s Read The Slow Regard of Silent Things ch. 2

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  2. Vartul

    “This is so god damn repetitive. I can’t emphasize that enough- it just goes on and on, page after page of Auri wandering around making non-sequiter observations about laughing doors or whatever. ” Umm, the title of the book is The slow regard of silent things. Wondering what that kind of prose is doing in there is just questioning the obvious. Your time would probably be better spent wondering how this ever got published.

  3. braak

    Is it the regard that’s wafting? Like there’s air, and in the air is moisture, and in the moisture is the slow regard of silent things? Is that a double-waft? But the regarding is wafting OFF the moisture, so is the slow regard of silent things some kind of substance that moisture in the air typically has? Like a smell that wafts from a hunk of meat?

    I don’t know, I didn’t understand James Joyce when I read him, either, I think this guy is too smart for me.

  4. Reveen

    Belly shivers?

    Please never ever write that phrase again, writers. Especially if it’s in the same book as “nekkid” and “nethers”.

  5. steamysalt

    Plot Twist: Auri is actually hallucinating from a fever brought on by infection after stepping on glass. Multiple times. Because she figured broken shards of glass were but tiny, timid, cold ground stars (sorry, I’m not good at whimsy) that needed to be warmed up and their crunching was just celebratory cheers. Her condition rapidly grows worse due to swimming nekkid in shit-infested waters all the while she slowly regards her foot silently gangrening away.

    When Kvothe gets around to visiting her in the next book, he shall grinningly grin his grin when he stumbles upon her rank, rat-infested body, observing her breasts and the childlike curves of her body. “Her heart was just too big for this world,” he shall say while shedding a singular, perfect tear. Then he will recite Sexual Conquests J through R.

    Chronicler, done with his shit, will get up and walk out, his faith in humanity beyond repair.

  6. andrea harris

    “Tramping everywhere with hard, uncaring boots” How dare people wear protective foot coverings in the sewers instead of daintily tiptoeing around like Auri does in whatever delicate footwear she has. Or does she walk barefoot through the refuse? You know what, living underground in what is basically a sewer isn’t cute and whimsical, it’s unhealthy. Though I suppose in Auri-land special whimsical magic kills all the germs? How does she get enough Vitamin D down there? Does she ever go out in the sun? Or does magic take care of that too?

    Oh look at me, tramping all over Rothfuss’ delicate, whimsical fantasy with my hard, uncaring practicality.

  7. Signatus

    “Better still, the slow regard of silent things had wafted off the moisture in the air.”

    I’m not even sure what that is supposed to mean but, as I read it, I couldn’t help but cringe. It looks forced. What is it with amateur writers who believe themselves so clever for using the title inside their prose? I try to avoid that like a pest.

  8. devilsjunkshop

    You deserve a medal or something.

    Also, what does “wafted off the moisture” mean? It looks like something badly translated that has lost all sense. I suppose context is everything. Or perhaps not.

    1. q____q

      „You deserve a medal or something.“

      Exactly what I was thinking! This looks even more of a pain to read then “Nothing much is happening for two very thick books”. At least this is shorter (how did he do that?).

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