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Life Is Strange Ep.1: Chrysalis


I’m not used to being pandered to when it comes to video games. Most commercial releases from big-name publishers tell stories that hold absolutely no interest for me and increasingly employ gameplay types that I struggle to engage with on any meaningful level (do a search for “Ubisoft” and read the resulting reviews for a prime example).

So I’m pretty stoked about Life Is Strange, a new episodic adventure game from Square Enix and Dontnod, the french developers behind Remember Me, which seems to have been created by shoving Telltale’s recent output into a blender with Gone Home and adding in a sprinkling of The Last Of Us: Left Behind. Since those three things constitute some of my favourite gaming moments of the last few years, Life Is Strange is almost tailor-made for my enjoyment. This first episode (which I’m reviewing separately because you can buy it on its own for five currencies, eschewing Telltale’s buy-it-all-at-once model) is a promising start, setting up some eminently endearing characters and intriguing mysteries despite a few rough edges in the writing and technical presentation.

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Boy, Snow, Bird


Helen Oyeyemi has been featured before on this very blog, in a brief review of the enchanting Mr. Fox. I went into Boy, Snow, Bird with high expectations and for roughly 98% of its page count I thought the book was going to meet or exceed them, only to abruptly swerve off course with an utterly baffling ending that more or less erased every ounce of good will the book had built up.

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