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Divergent Liveblog Funtimes


I’m sure you’re all aware that YA publishing at the moment is heavily trend-based, with a sequence of massive trailblazers followed by imitators/stuff publishers looked over the first time around but then decided to dump out in order to ride the wave. Twilight was followed by a massive glut of paranormal romance novels, and The Hunger Games was followed by a glut of dystopian sci-fi novels. We appear to be in the final days of that particular trend, with the last Hunger Games movie on the horizon and YA shelves looking more varied, but there’s still time to squeeze some more money out of the craze. Hence a film adaptation series of the Divergent series.

Divergent and its sequels seem to have done very well- as far as I can tell they rivaled The Hunger Games’ prominence in a way that none of Twilight’s imitators managed- but there was always this second-rate knock off feel to them, and the movie in particular got described a lot as “The Hunger Games, but cheaper”. Well today we’re here to see if that’s true! Continue reading