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Life is Strange ep. 2: Out Of Time


[Reminder: the next Let’s Read will start on the 12th of April]

I had initially planned on waiting until all five episodes of Life is Strange are out before reviewing the rest, mostly because you have to buy parts 2-5 together, but after the first episode the game got its hooks into me firmly enough that I wanted to talk about it some more. Keep in mind that I’ll be pretty cavalier with spoilers for preceding episodes in these reviews- I won’t talk about any really dramatic story twists, but if you want to play the episodes fresh, avoid.

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Talking Forever About Haibane Renmei

dmonhiro-haibane-renmei-clean-op-bd-720p-aac-614e8438-mkv_snapshot_01-06_2010-08-24_10-46-00 [Scheduling note: the next Let’s Read will begin on the 12th of April]

(There were a bunch of names mixed up in the original version of this; Big thanks to Braak for pointing it out)

Welcome to the first of a new series of posts here on Doing In The Wizard- Talking Forever About!

A few times over the years I’ve gotten self-indulgent enough to go on long-winded screeds about some of my favorite media, whether they be children’s book trilogies or horror games, and I’ve decided to make a semi-regular (as in once every few months) feature out of it.

I’m going to start out by talking forever about anime, but after that well has run dry we might end up talking forever about other things as well. Who knows what you’ll get! Even I don’t know!

A warning up-front: these posts will contain varying degrees of unmarked spoilers. While I’ll be giving my honest critical appraisal, this isn’t intended to be a straight forward review and I’m going on the assumption that anyone reading this is looking for something other than a recommendation.

Therefore, if I cover something you’ve been meaning to get to yourself you may want to give that post a miss. That said, let’s talk forever about the 2002 series Haibane Renmei- or to give it its full title, “Haibane Renmei, une fille qui a des ailes grises” which apparently translates to something like “Charcoal Feather Alliance, the girl with grey wings”. Yes, it’s a weird title. The show itself is pretty weird too. Continue reading

Let’s Read That Daily Telegraph Article

You may have seen a certain Daily Telegraph article doing the rounds over the last few days. If you haven’t read it go do so now, but the basic summary is that a dude discovered people on the internet calling on readers to diversify their reading habits, and that blew his tiny little mind.

How did it blow his tiny little mind? Let us count the ways.

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The Buried Giant


Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go is one of my favourite books of all time. If you haven’t read it, go and do so right now. And then watch the movie. It’s also great.

Now, ten years after writing a sci-fi meditation on love and mortality, Ishiguro has broken his long silence with…. a fantasy meditation on love and mortality.

Stick with what works, I guess.

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