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The Uncertain Future of Silent Hill


It’s been a bit of a whirlwhind month in the game-o-sphere, what with Metal Gear Solid head honcho Hideo Kojima apparently parting ways with Konami for as-yet mysterious reasons. I’ve spent the last several weeks becoming increasingly uneasy over what this means for Silent Hills, the Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro backed entry in the Greatest Horror Franchise Ever.

Well, after a steady trickle of ominous signs and portents, the project was officially canned yesterday. As the internet’s premier Silent Hill scholar and expert, I feel it’s my duty to ramble for a bit about what this means for the franchise.

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Let’s Read Some Stupid Gamergate Bullshit

(Note: links in this post to the site in question redirect through

If you’re a productive and generally well-adjusted human being you’ve likely never heard of the Gaming Journalism Website And if you’re not a productive and generally well-adjusted human being you’ve likely still never heard of it, because it’s an obscure pile of shit made by a raging misogynist to jump on the Gamergate bandwagon.

Sometimes I like to swing by the site and have a chuckle at their stupid articles. Today I decided to critically examine make fun of one such article that was particularly laughable.

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Making a simple game in flash

Many people get into programming in order to make games. In this post I’ll talk about how I followed a tutorial to make a simple spaceship game in Flash, then adapted the resulting product into a two-player competitive game.

The tutorial I used was asgamer’s AS3 Flash Games For Beginners series. Due to time constraints I omitted some features of the tutorial, such as the scrolling star background and the HUD.

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