Hey guys, quick scheduling updates.

First up: as I’ve already stated twice now, the next Let’s Read will begin on the 12th. I already have a few posts written up. I think you’re all going to like this one. A lot.

Second: I’m going to do a post on the Spring anime season, probably around the middle of the month, so if you’re into those posts look out for that.

Third: As part of a college project I need to make a Flash tutorial and put it online somewhere. The upshot of this is that sometime between now and the 13th a post about Actionscript programming will go up; if you’re not interested in the subject, just ignore it.


4 thoughts on “Blog-o-schedule

  1. Signatus

    I’m eager to see the Lets Read. 🙂
    Wonder what you’ve chosen this time. I’d have loved to know in advance, in case I havn’t read it, to start with it, but I can always begin the moment you post the first post.


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