Ní fhágfar faoin tíorán ná faoin tráill

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

GANDALF: Theoden king stands alone.
Eomer: Not alone. ROHIRRIM!

Watching #hometovote on Thursday night and Friday, that was how I felt.

On Friday, 22 May 2015, the Irish nation voted overwhelmingly to give equal protection to all persons choosing to marry without distinction as to their sex. It – we – voted to affirm the equality of GLBT citizens in the eyes of the constitution.

Today we watched the returns come in. Today we saw history made. Today, in the crowds in the courtyard of Dublin Castle, cheering when every constituency went green for YES (and booing for Roscommon-South Leitrim, shame on you, you let the side down a bit there), today we began a new history.

I have now heard a crowd break spontaneously into the national anthem.

This is not a thing I ever expected…

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5 thoughts on “Ní fhágfar faoin tíorán ná faoin tráill

  1. Saku

    This is great. This is truly awesome. I, as a panromantic woman who is going to move to Ireland in August, was actually worried about this and now I am very excited that this kind of inequality is a thing of the past there. Just a few days ago, I had a very meaningful conversation with one of my parish’s priests, who is also a monastic brother and is from Romania, which to the day is very homophobic. He told me about a friend of his who chose monastic life, too, but when he came out, he was bullied out of the order. Another priest happily told me, when I confessed to be attracted to women, that everyone was a sinner and my sin was not worse than anyone else’s and I should rather lead a happy life with a woman than be unhappy forever. Men like those are so inspiring and demonstrate that even if you are very religious, it is no excuse to exclude, hate on, or discriminate anyone. I am so happy that a stereotypically very Catholic country like Ireland has voted to stop this bigotry.

  2. Aaron Adamec-Ostlund (@AaronAO)

    It’s very good to see that support for marriage equality has grown to the point where the population of a country voted overwhelmingly in favor of it.

    On a less positive note, I expect that Ireland’s vote is going to be used by the homophobes to argue for other countries to hold general votes legalizing marriage equality, but of course only when the public opposes gay marriage.

    1. Eudaemonium

      This is part of the issue. What happened in Ireland was monumental and definitely worth celebrating, but it does set a potentially dangerous precedent for the majority voting on whether a minority should have rights.

      Still, go Ireland!

  3. Signatus

    I read it on the news! Congrats! 😀

    What can I say? These are the type of things that make me hopeful about humanity’s future. I want to believe we are actually growing out of archaic models and into a society which is more equal, one where people are treated due to how they are, and not what they are. One where being black, white, lesbian or hetero is not important. One were social freedoms and rights are something inherent of the human and not of a collective. I really want to see the day these religious extremists vanish and their voices die out, because a book, a belief, can never stand over the happiness and rights of other humans.


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