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An Amber In The Ashes


I’m going to make a confident prediction: someone, at some point in the conception and marketing of An Ember In The Ashes, used the phrase “it’s like The Hunger Games crossed with Game of Thrones.”

It’s well known that YA publishing at the moment is heavily trend-based, with publishers constantly on the lookout for the next version of whatever massive hit launched the most recent wave of imitators. The Hunger Games era followed on from the Twilight era and borrowed many of its repeating elements; now we’re entering uncharted waters, with no massive trend-setter on the horizon but a lot of fantasy-based dystopias with Twilight-esque romances. The heavily-hyped An Ember In The Ashes is a frustrating emanation from this environment, a potentially interesting story buried under a hodge-podge of tired YA cliches.

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