Let’s Read The Fifth Sorceress ch.13


Okay chapter thirteen, let’s go, let’s do this.


I’m super tired you guys, gonna go lie down for a bit.

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So if you remember from previous chapters, the death of Shailiha’s husband made her “lose her mind” instantly and somehow also gave her amnesia, which the sorceresses are going to exploit by making her think she was always one of them.

I was wondering how in the holy hell this was going to ever work, and in this chapter we see that the book has decided to just not bother telling us, as we skip straight to Shailiha in Parthalon, having fully bought the Sorceress’ story and only remembering brief glimmers of her previous life. The one silver lining here is that unlike Tristan, Shailiha doesn’t immediately stop asking questions and just forget the whole thing when the Sorceresses tell her that these memories are unimportant.

Shailiha wasn’t sure she understood it all, but she knew in her heart that she would do her best to help them, because they were her Sisters and she had grown to love them.

How? Why? The Sorceresses are utterly loathsome even to each other. Unless they’re massively clamping down on their sociopathy around Shailiha she should start to notice this, and eventually they’ll have to reveal the fact that they’re total assholes.

[Failee] would also place her hand on Shailiha’s abdomen and close her eyes, as if lost in thought.

Better start getting used to that Shailiha, it’s going to be happening a lot.

Shailiha wakes up one morning in a stone dungeon filled with rats and, uh, not sure what’s going on with that. Meanwhile, Succiu berates Failee for sending the blood stalkers and harpies, thereby alerting the wizards to their impending attack.

But instead, because of your unnecessary need for revenge, now we must contend with the fact that Wigg and Tristan are both still alive, and probably trying to make their way to Shadowood.’

Actually no, pretty sure that last part is your fault for telling Wigg exactly where to go to seek help.

Anyway it turns out the rat thing is part of some bullshit scheme by Failee to make Shailiha want to forget her previous life and go over to the side of darkness (that is basically how she describes it). Somehow, this involves making her go insane with fear, or something. I skimmed over parts of this because I don’t care.

Therefore, a way had to be found in which she would come to us willingly, and join us as our fifth Sister out of a desire that was seemingly born in her very soul. She must become the fifth sorceress.

title droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

So here’s an obvious flaw with this plan: it involves subjecting Shailiha to increasingly hideous and terrifying experiences, which she believes to be nightmares- the first one involves rats gnawing on her fingers- even though she’s one month away from giving birth. Now I’m no doctor, but it kind of seems like a mother being driven insane from fear and what amounts to torture might have some trouble carrying a healthy baby to term. Shailiha herself isn’t vital to the Sorceresses plans, but her daughter absolutely is.

Geldon, still at Succui’s feet and still not wanting to attract anyone’s attention, quietly shifted his weight on the unforgiving marble floor. Succiu’s mood seemed to have improved, but he knew from experience that it was only a matter of time before something would make her mean again. Even so, his curious ears hadn’t missed a word.

That clicking sound you hear is a Checkhov’s gun being loaded.

Anyway after spending ages explaining her plan Failee puts her plan into action, because before anything happens in this book the characters have to sit around and talk about it first. This would be far more compelling if we were centered completely on Shailiha’s perspective, not knowing any more than she does.

‘Whenever you experience these memories, no matter how brief, you must, after trying to cast them off, come to me and tell me of them immediately.

Wouldn’t you find this just a bit suspicious? Look at it from Shailiha’s perspective. She’s surrounded by sorceresses with incredible magical powers. She doesn’t know what they can and can’t do. And now seriously freaky shit is happening to her. Wouldn’t you at least suspect that maybe someone is causing her to have these dreams? Supposedly there’s a direct one to one connection between her recalling memories of her past life and the dreams, and now the most powerful sorceress of all is saying that Shailiha absolutely must tell her every time she remembers something. I think anyone in that situation would entertain the idea of not telling her, just to see what would happen, and then Failee’s plan would fall apart. It’s not like she could just randomly start springing the “dreams” on Shailiha to counteract this, since she’s claiming the two events are linked.

Each of your Sisters, including myself, has been through this, and it is only our Sisterhood and our common blood that has seen us through in the past.

That doesn’t make any sense! They told her she’s suffering amnesia because her husband was killed on a quest to Eutracia, is she trying to claim that they all went through the exact same circumstances? It’s an utterly nonsensical lie to tell.

Ugh the next chapter is set in Sorceress Land as well, I’m going to tackle it some other time.

By the way, my understanding of the whole “recalling” thing was that the minions/Natasha (the same lightning magic whats-it happened when she died) were “respawning” somehow and could be sent back out, but here they mention that they’ve lost contact with Natasha and talk as if they’re assuming she’s dead forever. If so that would be… anticlimactic, to say the least.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Read The Fifth Sorceress ch.13

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  2. Mr Elbows

    you are now aware that the Sorceresses are called Sucky-U, Fail-E, and Shelly-Haw respectively.

  3. Signatus

    “Now I’m no doctor, but it kind of seems like a mother being driven insane from fear and what amounts to torture might have some trouble carrying a healthy baby to term.”

    Those were my thoughts exactly upon reading this part, which kind of shows how important research is. A big enough stress could even cause an abortion or an early birth (in the case os Shailiah as she’s far into her pregnancy).
    A related anecdote. My cousin was a smoker, and she recently gave birth. When she became pregnant the doctor told her that if she needed to smoke, to do it, because the anxiety caused by the withdrawal was far more harmful to the child than the effects of tobacco. We’re talking about something pretty mild compared with the utter terror Shailiah goes through during these nightmares.

    “Shailiha herself isn’t vital to the Sorceresses plans, but her daughter absolutely is.”

    Everything these people do is a bunch of stupid things each next to the other. They alert the wizards from their presence by using the harpies and the bloodstalkers. Succiu (who is all blaming Failee), LET Wigg scape by not killing him BEFORE she put on the stone and made his powers return. Natasha by revealing everything BEFORE killing each of them in their sleep. Goodness, she could have gotten pregnant and killed them after. She could have killed Wigg and then captured Tristan. What is he going to do against a fully trained, experienced sorceress? Throw knives at her? And I’m sure that’s not the least of their stupidity we’ve seen yet.

    Anyways, how COMPLICATED is all this shit? Wouldn’t it be easier to simply create a mind bending spell and be done with it? Magic is not real, it allows for all sorts of prodigies. Just, whipe out her mind with a spell, and stop with this over complicated bullshit. Sanderson’s magic system is not nearly as complicated, and it implies absorbing storm energy to be able to work the spells. Actually, Sanderson’s magic system seems solid and genuine. You can believe it is something that could exist. This seems as if Newcomb was making shit up as he wrote.

    “This would be far more compelling if we were centered completely on Shailiha’s perspective, not knowing any more than she does.”

    Agreed. This is one of the problems of shifting constantly from one POV to another. Newcomb is leaving little to the imagination, and his book is so predictable the few things he’s not telling are not very surprising when they get revealed (for example, Faegan being alive, or Lilith’s true identity). Less is sometimes more. I don’t only think it’s unnecesary to know what every single character is up to every time. I actually believe it is counterpoductive. In Harry Potter we’re constantly centered in Harry’s POV, seeing the world through his eyes, reading through his understanding to, later, discover his perceptions might not actually be what he thought. That has given us some pretty awesome moments, like the truth behind his parents’ deaths in relation with Sirius Black or the true motives behind Snape’s actions (no matter how melodramatic they might be).

    A book doesn’t need to be a 700 pages brick to tell an interesting story. One of the best stories I have read have been children books in my earliest youth.

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