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(You should all know that I considered writing a version of “Be My Guest” using this post’s title as the chorus, but I decided that was too much time to devote to a stupid idea even for me)

Hey everyone! A million years ago I foolishly asked if people wanted to beta read my book before it was finished, which turned into a flaming trainwreck. Well now I have another book that’s completely and totally finished, and if you want to you can read it all right now!

I’m going to be sending it out to agents, and before that happens I need to know how blinded by my own hubris I am. If you want to be the one to tell me that, send me an email at requesting a copy.

The book (which is currently lacking a title) is aimed at a middle-grade audience and is roughly 66,000 words long. As before, I don’t want anyone who volunteers to feel pressured to give in-depth feedback, or any feedback at all. Once you receive the book I won’t contact you again unless you reach out to me first.


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