Let’s Go To Dublin Comic-Con

2015-08-09 11.27.10

You might be surprised to hear this, but I’ve never been to a convention of any kind. Yes, despite my well known appreciation for the Nerd identity and every single one of the myriad fandoms it encompasses, I have yet to earn my credentials by spending time in a huge room full of sweaty people.

I’m only joking. OR AM I? Yeah, I am.

On Sunday I went to Dublin Comic-Con. It’s not quite as big as San Diego Comic-Con (by which I mean you could probably fit the entirety of the convention into the San Diego bathrooms), but since it was my first ever convention I still found the whole experience quite dazzling.

2015-08-09 11.28.09

This is the main convention room floor, where there were tables selling a wide variety of Stuff as well as booths where you could get your photo taken with a Predator or whatever. It was crowded, but not quite the legendary Nerd Herd that people speak of in tones of awe and fear.

2015-08-09 11.36.05

I saw this sign and had to take a photo of it. In case the picture is too blurry, it says “The Orcward Shoppe.” It was selling exactly the kinds of things you think it would sell.

2015-08-09 11.42.26

Gundam model kits spotted. Apart from some cosplayers this was the only anime anything I could find.

2015-08-09 11.55.22

Speaking of which, there were cosplayers, many of them wearing very impressive costumes. The three most popular costumes I spotted were Harley Quinn (particularly the new version from the Suicide Squad movie), Attack On Titan and (somewhat surprisingly) a lot of kids dressed as the two protagonists from Gravity Falls.

2015-08-09 11.27.53

Immediately after entering the building I spotted this Pyramid Head and my heart was filled with joy.

2015-08-09 11.30.23


2015-08-09 11.40.49

The Irish space program went in kind of a weird direction.

2015-08-09 11.38.40

I understand that this car is a De Lorean from popular nostalgic movie franchise Let’s Go Back To The Future. Here’s a photo of it, so you can look at it.

2015-08-09 11.54.04

This is the surprisingly tiny videogame section, which had a handful of competitive fighting games set up on some card tables. Apparently they were having a tournament later, but I didn’t stick around for it.

2015-08-09 11.52.17

Artist’s alley, where artists sell their art. This whole floor was a bit depressing, as it was clear that most attendees weren’t very interested. Off to the side there were lines where actors who had bit parts in TV shows were signing stuff. Most of them had no one lining up.

2015-08-09 11.39.29

Here’s some helmets and stuff. I’m not sure if you could actually buy any of this, or if it was just on display.

Overall, I enjoyed the convention quite a bit. There wasn’t actually a whole lot to do there- any of the panels I would have been interested in took place on Saturday- but it was fun to wander around and see all the enthusiasm. I’m probably not going to become a regular convention-goer, but I’m glad I went once.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Go To Dublin Comic-Con

  1. reveen

    The only convention I’ve been to in my life was pretty standard, with your convention floor and merchandise and the seminars and shit. And then around midnight I open a door off the side of the building and walked into a tiny room with dozens of people dancing to Keith Apicary doing a weird mini-rave concert with his shirt off. I’m pretty sure he and a bunch of other people got kicked out for jumping in the hotel pool.

    Also, I like that logo. MY PARENTS ARE DEEEAD really sets a good mood for a convention.

  2. braak

    Artist’s Ally and Actors With Bit Parts In TV Shows / Former Professional Wrestlers are always the most depression sections at the convention.


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