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Spooktober 2015


The days are getting shorter, the leaves are turning crunchy and the Christmas shopping season is in its third week, which can only mean one thing: Spooktober is upon us.

Unfortunately a variety of things are piling up at the moment– the autumn 2015 anime season is alsostarting this month, and I want to write about it after skipping summer– so the blog scares might all get shoved to the back half of October. Let’s Watch The Hunger Games will continue as normal.

Before we get started though, I want to direct your attention to the Night Mind youtube channel because it’s rapidly becoming my favourite thing ever. The sonorously-voiced host dives deep into a number of web-based horror properties like Marble Hornets, as well as reviewing horror movie releases. The videos are very slickly produced and well put together, and there have been hints at some sort of meta-story or world building happening around the edges. If you enjoy consuming commentary on horror (and if you’re following along with a blog theme called Spooktober then you probably do) I highly recommend it. The channel has only been active for a short time, but there are apparently big plans afoot for the month of October.

Let’s Watch Catching Fire pt.1


In the first movie Katniss and her bland love interest Other Hot Dude won the 74th annual Hunger Games. What adventures await them now? Will the evil President Snow squash the spark of rebellion that Katniss’ actions have created? Will there be an annoying love triangle? Will the story present a convoluted reason for Katniss to be thrown back into the Games? Let’s find out!

(But the answer to all three of those questions is yes)

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The Copper Gauntlet


Last year I took a look at The Iron Trial, the first entry in Holly Black and Cassandra Clare’s new middle grade series about cave wizards. I concluded that it had some positive points but mostly didn’t seem particularly promising as the beginning of a multi-book saga. Well, the sequel recently came out and I decided to hop in and see if my negative assessment was correct.

The fact that I couldn’t even get half way through it probably answers that question.

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