The two week break I declared at the end of the Fifth Sorceress Let’s Read is nearly over, so it’s time to announce my EXCITING BLOG PLANS. I have a schedule worked out that should see us through to the end of the year.

On Sunday we’re going to start Let’s Watch The Hunger Games, a long-form scholarly analysis of all three currently released movies in the series. Each movie will get three posts dedicated to it, and they’ll go up at a rate of one or two a week. Since the last movie isn’t out yet I’m writing a Bonus Post on The Divergent Series: Insurgent, the sequel to The Divergent Series: Divergent which I wrote about previously.

Those posts will run during October as well, and will be joined by our annual Spooktober celebrations. I had some pretty big plans for this year- including possibly something like a Let’s Play of a horror game- but they fell through due to time so instead you’re getting movie reviews and a bunch of other random junk.

Then at the beginning of November I’m starting something called Let’s Read Roulette. The idea is that instead of picking a book and committing to the entire thing sight unseen (and potentially realizing it’s not a good fit for the format) I’m going to do the start of a bunch of different books- let’s say three to five chapters depending on how long they are- before switching to a new one. The intent of this process is to ultimately find new material to cover long term (possible with the help of a poll), but there’s no reason it couldn’t become a recurring thing alongside regular Let’s Reads.

If there’s something you’d like to see included, suggest it below. Since I’m only committing to a few chapters, books I had previously said I’m not interested in/are too long like Wheel of Time or A Song of Ice and Fire are now on the table. Just keep in mind that inclusion in the roulette is no indication that I’ll do the rest of the book at any point.


18 thoughts on “Blog-o-nnouncements

  1. Isaac

    I wish to add the Brent Weeks for consideration. I really want to know what’s up with those.

    Also, I think the Deathgate Cycle would be fun. The first one for sure. It is rife with terribadness from what I remember.

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  3. samir h. (@ap0cryphal)

    hm – there’s three novels i’d be curious to get your take on –

    Southern Gods (John Jacob Horner) – which is a blues and american-south tinted take on the mythos. (haven’t read yet, but the premise is – curious)

    The Infernal (Mark Doten) – which is just…fucking weird. surreal alternate psychohistory. i stopped about a quarter of the way in. i think being high would’ve made it more palatable, less nauseating.

    Night Film (Marisha Pessl) – might’ve pitched this to you on twitter. an attempt at polishing hitchcockian themes with a narrative coat of hypertext. i liked it, but it kinda falls apart if you stop to take a breath. some parts are sublime in generating terror, though.

  4. Number27

    Couple of Roulette candidates:

    Richard K. Morgan, “The Steel Remains.” I’d be interested to see what you make of it. In some ways it’s textbook mantasy but in others it’s actually kinda self aware and interesting.

    Sergey Lukyanenko, “Night’s Watch.” The premise is similar to the Dresden Files but the setting (Moscow) and the execution are very different.

  5. Signatus

    How about the DaVinci Code? The Lost Simbol is even worse, but all Dan Brown’s books are practically the same overrated trash.

    Another option would be Ken Follet’s Fall of the Giants. I did enjoy the book in the way that it didn’t put me to sleep, but from a historical perspective… I wanted to burn it.

  6. Qwerty

    Long-time lurker here. Just wanted to say, yes for the return of regular blog posts! Seriously, your blog is one of the highlights of my Internet browsing existence.

    For Let’s Read Roulette, I’ll nominate Palimpsest by Catherynne Valente because A, you’re familiar with the author and B, I’m currently trying to read it. It’s like cutting through a heavily-frosted cake. Beautiful prose, but sometimes there’s too much of it.

    Also, is there any hope in the continuation of the Dresden Files read-throughs? I know that there’s another blog slowly doing the same thing, but your casual review style fits better.

    1. ronanwills Post author

      I might do more Dresden Files in the future. I got seriously bored with the third book, but maybe that one just wasn’t very interesting from a blogging perspective. If I continue the series I’ll likely skip to book four.

      1. Qwerty

        Ah, that makes sense. I stopped reading around book sic, but if book 4 is the one with the magic shroud and the other two holy sword dudes, then boredom should be at bay.

        Also, just remembered another roulette: White Cat by Holly Black. Cut from the same cloth as DF (snarky male narrator, urban fantasy) but with a far more consistent and stable magic system. And far less annoying, and dare I say so, entertaining. It’s YA, but a decent YA compared to other offerings. It would be interesting to see how it held up to a more thorough reading.

  7. Signatus

    Brent Week’s Night Angel Trilogy, and Trudi Canavan’s Ambassador’s Mission would be interesting.
    Memories of Idhun is simply incredible, unfortunately I don’t know if there is a copy in a language you can read.


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