Spooktober 2015


The days are getting shorter, the leaves are turning crunchy and the Christmas shopping season is in its third week, which can only mean one thing: Spooktober is upon us.

Unfortunately a variety of things are piling up at the moment– the autumn 2015 anime season is alsostarting this month, and I want to write about it after skipping summer– so the blog scares might all get shoved to the back half of October. Let’s Watch The Hunger Games will continue as normal.

Before we get started though, I want to direct your attention to the Night Mind youtube channel because it’s rapidly becoming my favourite thing ever. The sonorously-voiced host dives deep into a number of web-based horror properties like Marble Hornets, as well as reviewing horror movie releases. The videos are very slickly produced and well put together, and there have been hints at some sort of meta-story or world building happening around the edges. If you enjoy consuming commentary on horror (and if you’re following along with a blog theme called Spooktober then you probably do) I highly recommend it. The channel has only been active for a short time, but there are apparently big plans afoot for the month of October.


7 thoughts on “Spooktober 2015

  1. Alvaro

    Ha did you watch the actual Marble Hornets? I skimmed through the Night Mind summary and mannnnn that is some awful acting. I would have trouble being spooked by that.

    Incidentally, I will be requesting a copy of your book, if you don’t mind my hardened cynicism, that is…

    1. ronanwills Post author

      The first season of Marble Hornets (which is the best one) didn’t rely on much in the way of acting, which made for a far creepier and more effective series.

      I think the series started to stumble in season 2 when the plot became more character-focused. In particular, the dude playing the “villain” is awful.

      1. Alvaro

        I assume you mean Alex, but TIm is equally bad. His extended monologue in the abandoned psych hospital is PAINFUL. But I guess it’s just amateur acting, is all. Though I knew some damn fine actors in college…

        And I do think it’s lame that the operator in the end is reduced to “scary man in suit who makes people cough and do violent stuff.” I get the mysteriousness-is-creepy angle and all, but some hint of a motive for him would have gone a long way.


  2. Signatus

    Now I feel like killing zombies. 😛
    Did you play Dying Light? Maybe it’s not that spooky, but I think it’s a pretty entertaining game.


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