Exciting Bonus Content

I decided to use my long-dormant Goodreads account to write a little spiel about a book I didn’t finish. If you keep an eye out you may at some point in the future see me use that site to complain about other books I didn’t finish as well.


3 thoughts on “Exciting Bonus Content

  1. Alice

    I don’t read comics, but my step-dad had a huge collection of 2000AD issues that I read through as a kid, and I remember future lingo like ‘vid’, ‘vid-log’, ‘vid-phone’ etc being used in that a lot, especially the Judge Dredd stories. But that’s a comic from, what, the 70s? 80s? I didn’t realise sci-fi writers were still doing stuff like that.

    1. Martin

      Might have been 90s. 2000AD is still ongoing, even though the year has passed. I remember the writers humorously suggested that, since the comic came before the year, “the year should change its name.”

      Also, Mr. Wills, you didn’t like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? 😦

      1. ronanwills Post author

        I read the first two and a half (I think) and kind of just barely tolerated them. Something about their sense of humour felt kind of tedious, and I eventually got sick of it.


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