Quick Read: The Sword of Shannara ch. Whatever


Whoo boy. Let’s just get this over with.

But first! Some scheduling changes. I’m afraid my volume of college work at the moment means that I need to take a longer break than I had previously decided on; the poll will now be going up on the 27th of this month, and the next Let’s Read will begin on the 12th of January. There’ll be no regular posting between those dates, although you never know when you might get a review or something.

However, the Super Special Ultra Bonus Mega Christmas Post will go up as planned. It’s about a particular entertainment property known for its mellow fanbase and the calmness of the discourse surrounding it, so I’m sure it will be holiday cheer all around when the post launches.


Last time the Ohmsford brothers spotted a scary Thing outside. This time: more of that.

They could hear the creature moving, the scraping sound growing louder as the seconds passed, and they were certain they had heeded Balinor’s warning too late.

All that aimless faffing about for absolutely no god damn reason really didn’t work in your favour.

The Thing kills a dog so you know it’s really evil, then shuffles off so Shea and Flick can make their escape.

Shea led the way across the yard, and they disappeared into the shadows of an adjacent hedgerow, Flick casting a last, wistful glance back at the home he might never see again.

You can really feel the tension and Flick’s sadness at being ripped away from his home.

After considering their options (and parachuting in some worldbuilding of the “there’s some stuff over there and over in the other direction there’s some more stuff and here’s what it’s called” variety) Shea decides that they should go the direct and most difficult route, since the Skull Bearers will be least expecting it and they can meet up with that Menion dude who was brought up in the previous chapter.

An extremely long and dull scene followed where Shea and Flick’s exodus from the Vale is described in exhaustive detail. The book tries to wring some tension out of the fact that the sun is about to rise and they’ll be more visible in the light, but fucking whatever.

Eventually Flick trips and one of the Skull Bearers comes soaring toward them, but it flies off without attacking. See that’s the consequence of having characters with no combat skills journeying around on their own: you can’t have them encounter anything too dangerous or else they couldn’t believably escape.


…So, yeah, this is the first time I’m officially quitting mid-chapter, because this book is just too god damn boring. I’m not sure what I was expecting from this– maybe that the similarities to Lord of The Rings would be entertaining to point out or that it would be outrageously cliched, but nope. It turns out that when your books features zero originality or creativity the results are just dull to read.

So don’t vote for this one in the poll. I’m warning you. Eve will be very angry.



One thought on “Quick Read: The Sword of Shannara ch. Whatever

  1. Nerem

    Can we just vote now?

    I vote Wheel of Time, or Dresden Files.

    What’s that, Dresden Files wasn’t on the list? Well, it’s more interesting then the rest of the books on parade, except for maybe WoT.


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