The Poll


We’re convening today to decide our next Let’s Read, friends. Five options are open: the first three books of the Wheel of Time series, the entire Night Angel trilogy (go big or go extinct, as Pacific Rim taught us), A Game of Thrones, TesticleCanticle, and The Sword of Blahnnara.

Two of those options are actually multiple, fairly hefty books, so if they win I reserve the right to take a break and do something else between installments. Any options that don’t win may still be up for future consideration, except Sword of Shannara because I’ll be damned if I’m going to read another page of that drivel unless I absolutely have to.

Without further ado:

Voting will be open for 24 hours, and the next Let’s Read will begin on the 12th of January.



8 thoughts on “The Poll

    1. UBM

      Well, the later books should go really fast – Ronan can just skip the recurring sets of 20+ pages describing clothing, weather, etc. 😉

    2. sonamib

      Really, Ronan would have tortured himself either way. I voted WoT because I thought it would be the least painful one… I might be wrong tho


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