Let’s Read The Wheel of Time: TEoTW ch. 30


A short post this time because I have a sinus infection and my face feels like a pent-up volcano about to erupt.

Chapter 30: Children of Shadow

This chapter is called “children of shadow” but the image is a big ol’ sun. Maybe it’s supposed to be, like, duality, man.

Aaaaand it’s another Egwene and Perrin chapter. I totally forgot how much page-time they get in the first half of the book. Although I guess it’s for the best since the other two character groups aren’t doing anything except travelling (not that Jordan will refrain from talking at length about characters travelling later on).

While Egwene is sleeping Elyas and Perrin have a conversation about that time when he was thinking of mercy-killing her, but I’m already bored of that topic so LA LA LA MOVING ON.

The wolves use wolf-telepathy or whatever to send word that men on horses who “smell wrong” are approaching. Elyas takes off in one direction and sends Egwene and Perrin in the other to try to throw off the pursuit.

Egwene peered up the hill with her head pushed forward. “How can you see anything?” she asked.

Perrin opened his mouth, then shut it. He licked his lips as he looked around, for the first time really aware of what he was seeing. The sun was down. All the way down, now, and clouds hid the full moon, but it still seemed like the deep purple fringes of twilight to him.

Yes, Perrin has SUPER WOLF NIGHT-VISION all of a sudden. I wonder if he also gets a tapetum lucidum as part of the bargain.


“Perrin,” Egwene said softly, “will you dance with me at Sunday? If we’re home by then?”

His shoulders shook. He made no sound, and he did not know if he was laughing or crying. “I will. I promise.” Against his will his hands tightened on the axe, reminding him that he still held it. His voice dropped to a whisper. “I promise,” he said again, and hoped.

This would be a lot more affecting if I didn’t know that these two characters barely interact once the first book is over.

Elyas and the wolves run around in the dark and start picking off the men as they search the area.

By the light of the torches Perrin could see the white cloaks of the Children of the Light.

It’s these dudes again. They surround Egwene and Perrin and call for them to surrender, but one of the wolves, Hopper, leaps from the dark and tears out a Child’s throat to buy them time to escape. When he’s killed Perrin goes into Full Wolf mode and attacks the Children in a  blind rage before being knocked unconscious.

He wakes up in the tend of Geofram Bornhald (how awesome is that name?), Lord Captain of the Children of the Light, who politely enquires how they came to be running with wolves and why they seem to know so much about Trollocs and Fades. Geofram is all grandfatherly and kind, which is to, like, make a point about the banality of evil or something. At least he’s not a cackling sociopath who tortures puppies for fun like most of the other villains.

“Repent, renounce the Dark One, come to the Light, confess your sins and tell what you know of this vileness with wolves, and you will be spared that. You will walk free, in the Light.” His gaze centered on Perrin, and he sighed sadly. Ice filled Perrin’s spine. “But you, just Perrin from the Two Rivers. You killed two of the Children.” He touched the axe that Byar still held. “For you, I fear, a gibbet waits in Amador.”

How will our heroes get out of this one???


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