Wheel of Time v. Eragon: Dawn of Blog

It’s been quite a while since a regular Let’s Read post went up on this blog, hasn’t it?

The various side-projects I wanted to complete are over and my second semester exams are finished, so it’s time to get back into it. The question is, which book are we going to be covering?

A fair number of people expressed the opinion that the Wheel of Time Let’s Reads were extremely boring, and that they’d prefer a continuation of the Eragon Quick Read, which surprised me since I thought Eragon was one of the most boring things I’d ever read. But! I can see the appeal of examining the Eragon books in a scholarly manner. To my knowledge no one has ever successfully done the entire saga before, and this blog is all about wasting ridiculous amounts of time on pointless bullshit.

So here’s a poll to decide our next course of action. Note that you can vote for both, in which case I’ll alternate books, which is a strategy that’s worked reasonably well in the past. The winning option will be put into effect starting sometime next week.



10 thoughts on “Wheel of Time v. Eragon: Dawn of Blog

  1. Nerem

    I want Wheel of Time. I haven’t read it and a newcomer’s perspective is great as well. And Eragon sucks and is insanely boring, and I know that first game.

    1. Ben

      I agree that Eragon is incredibly boring. All the humor-minded Let’s Reads that have done it seem very fatigued and uninterested by the time they get to the end. Wheel of Time has ups and downs that keep it from just being a wall-to-wall sporking of bland fantasy bullshit.

      1. Signatus

        I actually quiet enjoyed Kippurbird’s sporking and was enjoying Ronan’s quick read quiet a bit.

  2. reveen

    The problem with Wheel of Time is that since you’re a newcomer and it’s such a long-ass series, you don’t know when and where what the things you’ll really want to go off about will come up. Do the interesting and “interesting” elements come up in book 7 in the middle of the series? Who knows? It’s like wandering around the desert looking for an ice cream shop.

    Whereas Eragon is a sure thing. There are three books, all three books have stuff we’d get a kick out of in them. Even assuming you do the subsequent books, that is.

  3. rshunter88

    For someone who’s only read half of the first WoT book (and a couple of Tor.com Let’s Reads), I think Eragon would be easier to follow than WoT, and it moved along quicker too.

  4. Hal

    I think the reason Eragon had a surprising amount of support for a Let’s Read is that it moves much more quickly than WoT, which can be a tedious slog. Eragon is also generic fantasy dreck, but it clips along at a pretty good rate, which means you can always find something new to mock. Eragon might also have more familiarity to a younger generation of fantasy fans.

    I hope you get to book 2 of Eragon, because I can’t wait to see your reaction to the athiest vegan furry elves.

      1. Signatus

        BTW, not trying to mock ecologist movements. I’m part of one of these movements myself and will soon be giving a seminar about wolf conservation.

  5. Signatus

    That something is boring doesn’t mean it’s not interesting to analyze. I had more fun reading Eragon sporkings due to all the content available to work on, than I did reading about Twilight even though the second is an even worse book, but a bit more “fun” to read.

    BTW, does anyone know any good werewolf fiction? I’m not interested in terror books, nor am I interested in Anne Rice (the Wolf Gift is atrocious) nor her sister Alice Borchardt (her Wolf King whatever books are tedious to the point of making me consider burning them). I’m a sucker for werewolves (hence my nick), but I don’t find anything of my liking and Wikipedia hasn’t been very helpful.


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