Let’s Talk About Game of Thrones Season 6: part 6


This guy is my new favourite character.

Let’s bullet-point:

  • One of my predictions finally came true! Although apparently everyone and their grandmother saw Cersei’s destruction the Sept coming, so I won’t be writing for io9 any time soon. Also, Cersei hadn’t fallen quite far enough to kill Tommen, although he ended up kicking the bucket anyway. It’s fitting that her revenge plan may have been fine-tuned down to the smallest detail, but the one thing she failed to account for is that her son actually loved Margaery and might not react well to his mother blowing her to pieces.
  • That outfit though
  • YOU GUYS DANY IS SAILING TO WESTEROS. FOR REAL. Astapor and whatever that other place is called didn’t get taken over by slavers again! Euron didn’t blockade Slaver’s Bay! Dany didn’t break her toe walking down a flight of stairs and have to wait until the end of season 7 for it to heal!
  • Apparently Arya took one (or more) magic faces with her when she left Assassin-land. Does that justify the endless amount of time she spent there?
  • NOPE
  • The series continues to insist that Jon “mopeface” Snow is an interesting character, by both revealing his secret royal heritage and crowning him The White Wolf (seriously?) and new King in The North. This means that my long-held wish of seeing Sansa rule the North is not to be, which is perhaps the only way this episode let me down.
  • Although maybe it will happen eventually??? It’s interesting that the show cut straight from the revelation that Jon isn’t actually related to Ned Stark to him attaining leadership of the North based on that relation. If Littlefinger found out about this interesting factoid– if, say, Bran returned to Winterfell and told Jon and a little bird overheard it– he wouldn’t hesitate to use the information. I can imagine a scenario where Jon is ousted from leadership by Littlefinger, who is then out-maneuvered by Sansa, leaving her in control of the North (I assume Bran would forego becoming Lord of Winterfell to do whatever it is he’s going to do as the Three-Eyed Raven, and it’s doubtful whether the other lords would accept a disabled leader anyway). Jon would then toddle off south to broker a treaty with Dany, they’d combine forces to defeat Cersei, and then every remaining house in Westeros would unite to fight the White Walkers. I’ve got ur number Martin, I have this shit all figured out
  • Speaking of Littlefinger, a lot of people are interpreting the look Sansa gives him near the end as a sign of attraction or some other connection, whereas to me it totally read as worry, like she knows this dude is going to be trouble. What do you think?
  • Tyrion is rapidly fading into irrelevance. Him declaring loyalty to Dany was obviously meant to be a big character arc moment, but I have no idea how he actually came to that position or why.
  • How the hell did Varys get back to Mereen in time to be on Dany’s flagship? This is the second time someone has seemingly teleported from Dorn onto a ship they shouldn’t have had access to. Is there something the Dornish aren’t telling anyone?
  • Lyanna Mormont continues to put the lie to the notion that Game of Thrones is serious-business hoity-toity genre deconstruction for erudite Literature of Ideas philosophers and not high-fantasy claptrap filled with goofy nonsense hiding under a veneer of tits and blood, and I think that’s just swell.
  • The North is now the only major story location not ruled by a woman. I guess that’s interesting, in the sense that I wouldn’t have ever predicted it at the start. Very curious to see if the books go the same route, assuming they ever get finished.



3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Game of Thrones Season 6: part 6

  1. Signatus

    So, Cersei lost all three of her kids? I’m unsure whether the little girl died in the end or not, as I haven’t been following this. How is she coping with this? What about Jamie? I mean, he is the father after all.

    1. ronanwills Post author

      Yep they’re all gone. Her reaction to Tommen’s death is basically just resignation, like she had been expecting it for so long it wasn’t even a surprise.

  2. Aaron A.O. (@AaronAO)

    Honestly, considering how quickly things progressed in this episode I’m having trouble seeing how the show will go for two more seasons (even if they are seven episodes each) without engaging in episodes of obvious wheel spinning so that everyone is in the right place. With the finale the show has gone from having characters going through episodes worth of obvious holding actions to just having them teleport across the world.

    And to the show’s discredit it really seemed to buy into the whole: Starks=Good and Lannisters=Evil dichotomy. I started rereading the series recently (I only read it once, just before the tv show came out) and it’s telling how some of the first things we see Ed Stark doing are executing a man, marrying off his eleven year old daughter, and saying his three year old son needs to man up and stop being afraid. The show really cuts down on a lot of the moral grayness of the books and instead relies on making the bad guys even more vile while making them win all the time to make the show suitably “morally complex”.


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