Trumpwatch pt. 1: The Morning After The Morning After


I promised myself that I wouldn’t blog about this again following the highly cathartic screed I posted yesterday, but then I realized that I wouldn’t really be following my own advice if I ignored what was going on.

So. Welcome to Trumpwatch, an ongoing  series of blog posts in which we–essentially–Let’s Read the developing presidency of Donald J. Trump. The goal of this exercise (besides an attempt on my part to feel like I’m doing something worthwhile) is to stay informed and keep each other up to date on what’s happening. Share your views and observations, and more importantly l, share the views and observations of others.

And just to be clear: no, the book posts aren’t going away. Trumpwatch installments will, barring flurries of activity like the immediate post-election period and January, be few and far between. Our regular blog content will continue, just as soon as I can muster the energy to write it.

So, that aside. How are you all doing?

I didn’t expect to still be reeling this morning. I didn’t think I’d wake up and remember, and feel the punch to the gut all over again. It’s as if I’ve stepped into a parallel universe, and every headline and news story makes me dizzy with disbelief. Looking over social media, I get the feeling that many others feel the same way.

But I’m starting to feel something else, underneath the numb shock. I’m starting to get angry. I think a lot of you are getting angry, as well.

(And by the by: no, people are not “protesting democracy”, they’re pre-emptively protesting the things he’s said he’s going to do).

Here’s some good anger. Enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Trumpwatch pt. 1: The Morning After The Morning After

  1. magicwriter52

    You’re living south of a country which could only be the dream of the US right (no abortion, no gay marriage, race hate capital of Europe among other “attributes”). The great thing about Northern Ireland is that nothing worse can happen politically. And yet the world hasn’t ended – take hope?

  2. Signatus

    I’ve reached the point of learned helplessness. Not because of this. Trump is dangerous, but the real catastrophe is what we’re doing to the planet we depend on to live. The real catastrophe is having to explain to some dumbheaded #notallmen that we’re still being killed, that we’re being sexualized, objectified, raped, mistreated, amputed, kidnapped and used as sex slaves in numbers that are shameful for a XXI century society and that according to the WHO females dying at the hands of their own couple happen at greater numbers in the “civilized world” than it does in the uncivilized world. The real catastrophe is seeing racism grow, not only amongst the white population, but amongst all human populations. The real catastrophe is knowing we’re devouring, literally, every single resource from this planet and people don’t give a shit as long as they have their sashimi dish. The real catastrophe is making war against large predators and ecosystems as a whole to substitute them for cows, causing the degradation and collapse of the ecosystems we depend on to stay alive. The real catastrophe is that the fucking climate is changing and people would rather call scientist conspiranoic idiots who somehow know nothing about what they’re investigating, than taking action and forcing their governments to do something about this.

    Trump is not the real catastrophe. Trump is the physical manifestation of mysoginy, racism and science denyalism I’ve seen run rampant for years. The real catastrophe is Trump was elected by millions of people who think like him, and if this had been the elections for the world president the numbers would have been astounding.

    And that’s why I’m sad, and I’m in learned helplessness. Because I’ve been fighting for years against a villain I thought I could turn into good with arguments. Because my fight isn’t against Trump, or Putin, or BP, or Doritos (palm oil). My fight is against fucking humanity.

    And I can’t do it any more. I can’t. I’m out of strength to fight. I’m exhausted. I’ve fucking tried and every single fucking time I’ve slammed my head against a wall that one budge a single, meager inch. I’ve had enough. I’ll sit back, get some popcorn and enjoy the fireworks when this whole planet goes to hell.

  3. Alice

    Apparently he isn’t president until the electoral college votes on December 19th, and there are people trying to organise to get the college to vote Clinton president instead, based on the fact that she won the popular vote. I don’t know if I can post a link in the comments, but I’ll try anyway in case any of you want to try and contribute to that.

    1. ronanwills Post author

      I hate to say it, but I really don’t think that’s going to work. I understand why people are trying, but it feels like they’re setting themselves up for another crushing disappointment next month.

      1. Alice

        True, but at this point it’s not as if they have much more to lose by trying, and given how dire the situation is it’s understandable that they would want to clutch at any straw they could find. If I were them, I’d still shoot for a 0.0001% chance of getting rid of Trump. Any chance at all, no matter how slim, is worth a shot.

        1. AaronAO (@AaronAO)

          It’s also something more substantial than protesting Trump because he’s a horrible bigot who unleashed a tide of hate. Hopefully people will organize around this and turn it into a sustained opposition against Trump’s administration.

  4. AaronAO (@AaronAO)

    Trump cannot unite the country. At best he’s a deceitful hypocrite who stirred up racism in order to win the presidency, only to betray the people who elected him once he takes office. There’s no compromise possible in his positions. You can’t build a wall along half the border.

    It’d be utterly hilarious if countries started offering refuge status to people fleeing Trump’s America, but world leaders seem to be wanting to ingratiate themselves with Trump so I doubt it’ll happen.

    1. AaronAO (@AaronAO)

      Just wait until the Canadian far right becomes emboldened by him. Not to mention the economic pain his trade war is going to cause in Canada as well as the USA. And pray Trudeau doesn’t do something to give Trump offense, who knows what he’ll do in his spite. But in the mean time enjoy watching all the Muslim, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Black, etc. people here in America suffer under a Trump presidency.


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