Trumpwatch: The Women’s March


The realization that you’re witnessing the creation of history–that this day, the one that started like any other, is going to be remembered beyond your own lifetime–is a very strange and particular feeling. I felt it during 9/11. I felt it (painfully) on the day of Donald Trump’s election. And I felt it today, as I watched images of the Women’s Marches pour in from all over the world.

I hadn’t paid much attention to this event, overshadowed as it was by Trump’s inauguration, and didn’t expect it to amount to much beyond a (admittedly brave) token gesture. Apparently, neither did the organizers: several of the planned marches had to be converted to stationary protests when more than double the expected attendees turned up. An estimated 2.5 million people took to the streets in America and many other countries (including Ireland, where several thousand people marched in Dublin–this is impressive in a country whose citizenry has been historically politically apathetic about any issue not involving water charges), which is incidentally ten times the estimated turnout of Trump’s inauguration address.

I think it’s safe to say that we all needed this.

What comes next? Are these protests going to convince the Trump administration to rethink their policies? Are we witnessing the spontaneous birth of a united liberal protest movement?

No, probably not. But I’ll tell you this: I can guarantee you that Trump and his henchmen and his supporters are just a little bit scared right now. The walls of the White House have begun to compress with the force of all of that anger and scorn, like a submarine descending into the deep ocean, and they’re checking nervously for leaks. The fall of empires has begun with events far more humble than what we’ve witnessed today, and they all know it.

All of a sudden, four years doesn’t seem like such a long time.




4 thoughts on “Trumpwatch: The Women’s March

  1. anomie

    I mean, the biggest street protests in US history were against the war in Iraq, in uh, 2003. So America immediately ended the war on Iraq. By immediately, I mean eight years and approximately 600,000 deaths later. And then three years after that, got involved again, because the war never really ended. Soooo. Yes it was a historic turnout and laid the groundwork for a progressive movement (if there’s any follow-through), but given the number of people who will die due to inadequate healthcare, women who will suffer from the loss of reproductive rights, immigrants who will lose their livelihoods and homes, women who will be sexually assaulted with no recourse thanks to rapists being emboldened by the Pussy Grabber-in-Chief, people of colour who will be murdered by police officers and neo-Nazis, plus the financial resources drained from Americans’ pockets into the coffers of the Trump family and the potential for a big war or several on the horizon…. basically, given the extent of the human suffering the Republican Party plans to inflict on America and the world….. there’s not much consolation to be had.

    What there is is a war, a cultural one more than a physical one, and maybe one that can end in a cultural victory. I don’t know whether that victory will be enough to make up for everything we’re about to lose, but I mean, not like we have any other choice but to fight >_>

    1. Alice

      Seconded. I mean the freaking police were taking selfies with the women in the march. Clearly the establishment does not consider this event to be any kind of a serious threat. Meanwhile Trump has plans to expand the police and military, further ensuring that if a riot/revolt/coup should ever materialise in the future to depose him, he will have enough firepower at his command to simply massacre his opponents. The only way to overthrow a military dictatorship is by force, and the US Military and police make for one hell of a force to overcome.

  2. reveen

    Compare the women’s march with the pathetic showing for Trump’s inauguration and you see just how much the guff about Trump representing the average American and the “silent majority” is a load of complete horseshit.

    Of course, I’m sure his supporters will find all sorts of ways to pretty much say that these people don’t count.


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