Debunk Europa pt. 2

It’s time to revisit our friends at Defend Europa (sorry, “Evropa”), who recently launched a brand new site! How exciting. Let’s see what’s getting them hot and bothered this time.

Native Germans Now A Minority In Frankfurt

The article is illustrated with a photo of some African dudes drinking bier out of steins at the local bierhalle, which is apparently from an article called “The New Germans.” Defend Europa helpfully doesn’t link to this article, because the photo and the caption really tells their intended audience everything they need to know.

But what does the text of the article itself say? What’s this scary demographic crisis that’s threatening Frankfurt?

51.2% of Frankfurt’s population falls into the following categories; non-Germans, ‘Germans’ of immigrant descent, or the rather innocuous “German citizens born abroad”.

I don’t really get the sarcastic “rather innocuous” comment, since as far as I can tell, “German citizens born abroad” means exactly what it sounds like: people born to German citizens living in other countries, who acquire German citizenship automatically via their parents.

Defend Europa doesn’t actually go further into this part of the data themselves; for that, we have to follow a link to their source…the Daily Mail.

Okay, let’s see what their source is. Ah, there we go! I had to google for it because these trashy sensationalist rags don’t seem to want their readers finding their sources (funnily enough), but now we can get a less hysterical overview of the numbers, which reveal some interesting things.

Such as that 61.3% of Frankfurt’s population deemed to have a “migrant status” are from other EU countries. But Defend Europa wants you to come away from these numbers with the idea that Africans and Middle Easterners are replacing the native German population en mass like pod people, so they don’t mention that part. Just look at those four African dudes! They’re living in white people cities, isn’t that scary?

When you keep in mind that the “migrant status” population only edges out the “native” population by 1.2% and that a certain number of the migrant population consists of the children of native Germans, Defend Europa’s hysterical wailing about the death of the “German race” comes across as even more ridiculous than it might have otherwise.

Have I mentioned that Defend Europa has an article lamenting the failure of Nazi Germany to occupy Britain during World War II? Just putting that out there.

Denmark: 163% increase in rape after migrants admitted?

One of the things I’m particularly keen to address is the claim pushed by anti-immigration groups that “migrants” from the Middle East and Africa commit huge numbers of rapes and other sexual assaults, and are therefore unsafe to admit into European countries (gosh, where have I heard that sort of rhetoric before?).

This is a complicated topic that’s hard to research because the raw data the articles rely on usually come from reports written in languages I can’t read (although in my defense, I’m fairly certain the Defend Europa authors can’t read them either), but I did manage to pick out one claim that was very easy to debunk, and it illustrates how statistics are abused to make a point.

From Sweden: 92.4% of Gang Criminals and 92% of Rapists Have Foreign Background:

This is a story that is tragically repeated all across Europe and in Scandinavia in particular. After Denmark buckled under United Nations pressure in 2015 and began allowing in thousands of refugees, the rape rate soared 163% in just one year.

This is one of the rarer cases I’ve found where a Defend Europa article links directly to the data it’s citing, which is strange because if you actually look at the data it becomes clear that the brain trust running the site didn’t bother to do the most basic fact-checking.

The author is correct in that the number of reported rapes did jump dramatically from the start of 2015 onwards. But we’re not talking about Denmark’s “rape rate” (whatever that is), we’re talking about the number of reported rapes over that time scale.

This distinction is important because rape is one of the most under-reported crimes in the world, and reported rapes can increase or decrease for all sorts of reasons even if the number of actual rapes occurring doesn’t change.

Now, was there some change in how rapes were reported to police in Denmark over the time period in question that would account for the sudden increase? Say, something that can easily be found with a five second google search, which Defend Europa didn’t bother to do because they’re racist hacks?

Why, yes there was!

According to a consultant to the Danish National Police, the sharp increase is due in part to police districts better recording rape reports.
“We are very pleased that we now have more accurate numbers on how many men and women have reported rapes. Previously there were many cases that were treated under the category of ‘investigation numbers’ that did not get included in the statistics of reported rapes,” Thomas Brædder told Metroxpress.
Last year it was reported that an investigation by the Ministry of Justice indicated that as many as 700 rape cases per year were being filed incorrectly by police.
The majority of the ‘missing’ reports were hidden in police statistics by giving them investigation numbers that did not classify them as rape cases. A number of police departments confirmed to Metroxpress that this was standard practice in cases where there was doubt as to whether a rape had actually occurred.
That practice was discontinued in November 2015, so the 2016 rape report figures from Statistics Denmark represent the first full year under the improved reporting.


Anti-immigration cranks love to play this sort of chicanery with rape statistics, particularly when it comes to Sweden, which I’m sure we’ll be getting around to eventually.

Before we close out this post, it’s worth taking note of Defend Europa’s criticism of the Danish government for “buckling under pressure from the UN”, which makes them seem like ultra-liberal pansies with an open door policy. The truth is actually completely different: in January of 2016 Denmark enacted draconian policies on refugees entering the country, and as early as September 2015 the country already had a reputation as somewhere that refugees should avoid.

We’re going to do one more post on the good folks at Defend Europa, this time examining their three-part essay laying out the basic thesis behind their anti-immigration views. If that sounds like a fun time to you, check back some time next week.


One thought on “Debunk Europa pt. 2

  1. Christie Greenwood

    The whole ‘wahhhhhh, immigrants and foreign-born-German-nationals are taking over!!!!!’ crap is just that: crap. I have German ancestry and, at some point, got German citizenship because I could and because it’s one of the most convenient ones to have when you travel the globe a lot. Does anyone call me a foreigner? Nope, since I’m about as white as Vanilla Ice. But POC who were born and bred here get asked ‘where they’re from’ all the time, even by otherwise nice and harmless folk. It’s quite aggravating, to put it euphemistically.


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