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I’m Not Dead update

Hello everyone, just a quick update to let you know that I haven’t fallen into a blog black hole. My medical issues are unfortunately still preventing me from doing much of anything, but I’ve got a big review I want to finish and the Selection let’s read will continue as soon as I’m able to get an entire post out.

When that will be, I don’t know. Maybe a few weeks? Maybe longer? Who knows! Join me on this wondrous journey.

Brief Hiatus: Car Crash Edition

Hey people, what’s up?

You may have noticed that the rate of posts has been highly variable lately. It turns out the minor injury I mentioned a few months ago is still having not so minor effects, which makes blogging (alongside a whole lot else) difficult.

Because of that, I’ve decided to take a few weeks off.

The fact that Zelda: Breath of The Wild came out yesterday is, I swear, entirely coincidental.


Last year I wrote a post about starting a new job and the effects that would have on the blog which turned out to be premature. Well this time I am, in fact, starting gainful employment, and as such the conditions described in that post will now come into effect.

Carry on as normal otherwise. Please proceed in an orderly fashion.

The results are in

It was a long, bitter struggle, but the votes have been tallied and our next Let’s Read has been chosen. Let’s go live to the pooling booths to witness democracy in action:


Oh no! Some mysterious outside force has tampered with the poll! We have no choice but to go with alternating blog posts now.

The system works.



Wheel of Time v. Eragon: Dawn of Blog

It’s been quite a while since a regular Let’s Read post went up on this blog, hasn’t it?

The various side-projects I wanted to complete are over and my second semester exams are finished, so it’s time to get back into it. The question is, which book are we going to be covering?

A fair number of people expressed the opinion that the Wheel of Time Let’s Reads were extremely boring, and that they’d prefer a continuation of the Eragon Quick Read, which surprised me since I thought Eragon was one of the most boring things I’d ever read. But! I can see the appeal of examining the Eragon books in a scholarly manner. To my knowledge no one has ever successfully done the entire saga before, and this blog is all about wasting ridiculous amounts of time on pointless bullshit.

So here’s a poll to decide our next course of action. Note that you can vote for both, in which case I’ll alternate books, which is a strategy that’s worked reasonably well in the past. The winning option will be put into effect starting sometime next week.


Comments are now working properly

You may have noticed that comments on this blog have been behaving strangely for a while when attempting to reply to someone else; it turns out that while increasing the maximum depth of nested comments to fix an entirely different issue I accidentally turned them off completely. Whoops!

My amateur blog mistake has been fixed, comment with wild abandon.

(If problems like this pop up in future please let me know. The interface I use to view and reply to comments is completely different from what you see, so I won’t notice issues right away)

And the winner is…


Surprising absolutely no one, Sword of Shannara wins by a landslide!!!!

…. okay seriously, who voted for that thing?

No, the first three Wheel of Time books will be our next Let’s Read. In case anyone missed it, you can find the opening chapters covered here. As previously stated, the posts will begin on the 12 of January.

Now, I know a lot of people were enthusiastic about Night Angel. And even though it didn’t win, it’s not inconceivable that Night Angel-related content might appear on this blog within the early part of the new year. I’m just saying, I have these Christmas gift vouchers I’m planning on using to acquire a new Kindle paperwhite, and I’m going to need something to read on it. When you think about it, there really aren’t that many books in the world. If I just so happen to start reading a certain fantasy trilogy starring an assassin with a stupid name, it would be a shame not to review it while I’m at it.

I feel that the Quick Read format worked pretty well, so I plan to continue it going forward, not just as a way to select new blogging projects but also as a means to to quickly dip into something that seems interesting/”interesting” without making a huge time commitment, so look forward to more.

Anyway, have a happy new year and I’ll see you all again in two weeks.