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Let’s Stop Reading Way of Kings


Yes, it’s official: I’m dropping The Way of Kings like a hot potato.

There are two main reasons for this:

1) The book is ungodly boring. This probably comes across somewhat in my posts. The fact that it’s *really* long- easily one of the longest books I’ve ever attempted to read- doesn’t help.

2) Wizard’s First Rule feels like it’s going to be at least entertainingly bad throughout (and I’ve been assured that the first book contains several WTF moments), with occasional moments of quality, whereas Way of Kings seems like it’s going to just keep trundling along doing the same thing until the sun dies, drowning us all in made up fantasy bullshit. I feel like I’ve pretty much said all there is to say about it.

Luckily I’ve already chosen a replacement.

I decided to steer clear of epic fantasy bricks this time and focus on something smaller (but which still ha enough potential to tide us over until the third Kvothe book), more lightweight, something that would provide an endless font of bad writing and lulz for us to sink our teeth into.

And it turns out there’s only one literary creation capable of fulfilling all of my requirements, one trench-coat wearingest, blasting-rod havingest urban wizard:


Yes, that’s right: it’s time to dive into the Dresden Files series.

I’ll be starting at the second book because I already covered the first one way back in a review that was given the Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement In The Field of Blog. As far as I can tell these early books aren’t really connected all that much.

Wizard’s First Rule posts will continue as planned. You might have noticed the gap between posts has gotten wider; this is because for the last few weeks I’ve been doing a first draft of a new writing project, The Aethervoid Chronicles: A Tale of Sexual Intrigue, which I expect to be published to great acclaim and kickstart my whirlwind professional writing career. I’m just on the brink of finishing it, but then I have three other first drafts I want to go back and rewrite, including the thing I hammered out in a sugar-fueled haze during NaNoWriMo. What I’m saying is the blog is now competing for my time quite heavily and thus posts might be intermittently not as frequent as usual.

(Note that parts of the preceding paragraph may not have been entirely accurate)

The first Dresden post should go up over the weekend. Look forward to it!