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Let’s Watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Pt.2 (Part 1)


Yes, I know it’s a confusing title.

It’s time to finish our Hunger Games movie-stravaganza by watching the fourth instalment in the trilogy: Mockinjay, Part We Split This Story In Half To Make More Money So Here’s The Bits With All The Action.

I actually had quite a bit of trouble remembering what happened in the previous movie. There was some kind of mission to go somewhere, Katniss’ boyfriend was rescued but he’s brainwashed and wants to kill her, and she spent a lot of time sitting around doing nothing despite ostensibly being the main character. Everyone up to speed? Okay, let’s dive right in.

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Let’s Watch Mockingjay pt. 3


Before we reconnect with Katniss and her buddies in District 13, some programming notes.

During my last update post I said I was going to do a Let’s Watch of the second Divergent movie; I still want to do that, but it won’t be any time soon, as these Hunger Games posts took up a lot more time and energy than I had planned. Instead we’re going to be moving straight onto the previously announced new Let’s Read format. I’ve got the first book picked out and everything! It’s something that’s been requested frequently.

You may have noticed that Spooktober has been very thin on the ground this year; I honestly feel bad about this, as I greatly enjoy writing about horror stuff, but unfortunately my entry into a master’s degree program in September means that I’m swamped with course work at the moment. There are still some recent-ish horror movies I really want to watch and write about, so maybe I’ll do that before the end of the year instead. After all, the true spirit of Spooktober lives inside our hearts.

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Let’s Watch Mockingjay Pt.1


No I mean part one as in the first post, not part one as in… okay, this is going to get confusing.

We’ve come to the third and, for our purposes, final Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part Check Out All The Cash-Money We Made By Splitting The Last Movie In Half. I’m kind of leery about this movie because all of the events I actually remember from the book appear in the trailer for part two, which makes me wonder what’s actually going to happen in it. Guess we’ll find out.

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