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Let’s Watch The Shannara Chronicles Ep. 1


The success of Game of Thrones has made epic fantasy on TV a more viable proposition than it’s ever been. All of a sudden stations and production companies are scrambling to plumb the depths of the genre, looking for their own cash cow franchise. MTV of all places decided to get in on the game by adapting Doing in The Wizard’s very own Shannara Chronicles, which was briefly featured in a Quick Read that came to an abrupt end because the book was boring as fuck.

I’m not going to watch the whole thing because I have better ways to waste my life; I’m thinking maybe five episodes or so, enough to get a taste for what the series is all about, and I’ll mix them in with our regular Let’s Reads to keep you all on your toes. I should make it clear up-front that these posts will come along at a fairly slow rate, as recapping the events of a TV show or movie is a lot more work than just quoting sections of a book.

Apparently the story as adapted skips over the first book entirely (it’s not hard to see why) and begins with the second, the Elfstones of Shannara. Apart from that I know basically nothing about this project and am going in completely blind. Sounds like… fun?

(Note: the screenshots in this post have an MTV watermark on them, deal with it)

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