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Let’s Go To Dublin Comic-Con

2015-08-09 11.27.10

You might be surprised to hear this, but I’ve never been to a convention of any kind. Yes, despite my well known appreciation for the Nerd identity and every single one of the myriad fandoms it encompasses, I have yet to earn my credentials by spending time in a huge room full of sweaty people.

I’m only joking. OR AM I? Yeah, I am.

On Sunday I went to Dublin Comic-Con. It’s not quite as big as San Diego Comic-Con (by which I mean you could probably fit the entirety of the convention into the San Diego bathrooms), but since it was my first ever convention I still found the whole experience quite dazzling.

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Let’s Go To Glendalough

2015-05-18 12.44.10

About a week ago I decided to celebrate the end of my prolonged college career by taking off to the Wicklow mountains for two nights of walking and getting rained on. Like all of my experiences in the terrifying digital nightmare we live in, I will now funnel it into blog content by making you all look at my crappy Galaxy S3 photos while I make inane and random comments.

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